Are Lee Jong Suk And IU Dating: Are Rumors About IU Dating Lee Jong Suk True?

Lee Jong-suk is a South Korean actor and model. He debuted in 2005 as a runway model, becoming the youngest male model ever to compete in Seoul Fashion Week. In this article, you will read about Are Lee Jong Suk And IU Dating in real-time?

Lee’s breakout part was in School in 2013 (2012). (2012). He is also well known for his appearances in I Can Hear Your Voice (2013), Doctor Stranger (2014), Pinocchio (2014), W (2016), While You Were Sleeping (2017), Romance Is a Bonus Book (2019), and Big Mouth (2022). (2022).

Are Lee Jong Suk And IU Dating?

IU and Lee Jong Suk are supposedly in a relationship! On December 31, Dispatch revealed that the two celebs have been dating for nearly four months. According to Dispatch, the two met on “Inkigayo” 10 years ago, and over time, their friendship turned into romance.

Dispatch stated that IU and Lee Jong Suk spent Christmas together in Nagoya, Japan, where they enjoyed a tranquil three-day vacation together at a premium resort.

The holiday was believed to have been carefully planned by Lee Jong Suk, who reportedly flew IU and her younger brother out to Japan first and even prepared a pick-up service for them at the airport, then joined them later on.

According to unidentified sources referenced in the newspaper, the couple’s families are already aware of the connection. IU famously sang the joyous song during Lee Jong Suk’s younger brother’s wedding earlier this year, and Lee Jong Suk personally invited IU’s younger brother along on their Christmas holiday.

Dispatch also shared images of IU and Lee Jong Suk at the airport on their trip to and back from Nagoya.

Lee Jong Suk’s agency HighZium Studio has subsequently replied to the report by claiming, “We are currently in the process of checking whether it’s true.”

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Lee Jong Suk Career

Lee Jong Suk As A Top-tier Actor

One of Sukki’s most successful K-dramas is Doctor. Stranger, where he played the character of a clever doctor. This 2014 SBS sitcom garnered double-digit ratings in South Korea and was also a major hit in China, as reported by The Korea Times.

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IU DatingSource: Music Mundial

The same year that Sukki ‘*transformed*’ into a reporter on the SBS series Pinocchio, the drama was reportedly sold to a Chinese portal site for $280,000 (about P13.5 million) for each episode (Pinocchio has 20 episodes!).

You know what that means—the more popular the series, the more ka-ching for the cast members. Plus, higher the talent fees for the actors for their next ventures!

The following years proved to be good for Sukki because he starred in several crowd-favorite dramas including W: Two Worlds (which is having an American adaptation, btw) and While You Were Sleeping. With the tremendous success of these dramas, he is recognized as one of the highest-paid Korean actors and is estimated to take home at least $50,000 (approximately P2.4 million) per episode. Daebak.

Lee Jong Suk As A Sought-after Oppa

If you’re a major admirer of Sukki, we’re pretty confident that *seeing* him in person is your ultimate desire (if not to marry him) (if not to marry him).

In November 2018, the Hallyu star visited Manila for his Crank Up tour and the Araneta Coliseum was filled with admirers from all parts of the Philippines (and Asia, probs!). It is worth noting that the priciest ticket was at P10,000 while the venue’s seating capacity is over 16,000.

Just by looking at this shot, we can assume that Sukki’s fan meet was a full house (and that it certainly added a big amount to his bank account) (and that is for sure added a hefty amount to his bank account).

He has held his fan meetups in other countries, including China in 2015. Did you know that the most expensive ticket to his concert in Guangzhou was sold out in a matter of 30 seconds? It was priced at $255 (about P12,320) lang naman. Casual!

Lee Jong Suk As A Real Estate Owner And Businessman

Aside from being a skilled performer, Sukki is also good at putting his hard-earned money into beneficial investments.

Reports indicate that he bought a $4.2 million-worth (approximately P203 million) property at Nine One Hannam while he was engaged in the military last year.

This high-end apartment complex in Seoul is where the most influential dwell, such as BIGBANG’s G-dragon, and each unit here “is equipped with its own private elevator and yard.” Here’s a tour of Nine One Hannam so you can envision how Sukki is ~living the life~:

His real estate investments don’t stop there—per Manila Bulletin’s story, the actor also owns three more houses in the upscale area of Hannam-dong which amounts to a stunning $13.6 million (P653.5 million) (P653.5 million).

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