Jackson Cancer Patients Evacuated Due to Water Outage

Officials at the American Cancer Society were ecstatic to reopen the Jackson facility this year after the COVID-19 epidemic had forced it to close in 2020.

As of Thursday, the lodge would once again be available at no cost to cancer patients and their caregivers from outside Jackson who are receiving treatment at one of the city’s hospitals. A big reopening event was scheduled for Thursday to spread the word.

However, 11 cancer patients and their carers residing at the lodge were forced to depart Jackson on Monday, three days before the event on Thursday, due to a breakdown in the city’s water supply.

Jackson Cancer Patients Evacuated Due to Water Outage
Jackson Cancer Patients Evacuated Due to Water Outage

Their lodgings in motels outside of Jackson are being paid for by the American Cancer Society.

Jackson’s water issues shouldn’t force people to put off cancer treatment, says Letitia Thompson, the American Cancer Society’s regional cancer support vice president. “Therefore, we’ve located and covered their lodging costs in the vicinity.”

A van is available to take patients to and from their appointments.

According to Thompson, plumbing problems have arisen due to changes in water pressure at the lodge, which began for business in 2019. Thompson has stated that until the lodge has had a week of consistent water pressure, the patients and their carers would continue to stay at the suburban motel.

There are fluctuations in the water pressure. The American Cancer Society makes every effort to prudently manage the funds it receives, yet we cannot afford to endanger people with cancer. “We don’t want cancer patients to have to deal with the embarrassment of having to get up in the middle of the night because they have to use the restroom,” she said.

The lodge provides lodging for those visiting Jackson for medical care at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, St. Dominic Memorial Hospital, Mississippi Baptist Medical Center, and other local hospitals. A recommendation from a treatment center is required before a patient may begin the process of staying at the lodge.

Thompson added that plans are in the works to expand access to the group’s services in the Jackson region for people who have been diagnosed with cancer.

Thompson emphasized his desire to support local cancer patients who are coping with Jackson’s water crisis. For cancer patients who may require hotel rooms for an extended period of time, “we are striving to establish a mechanism to receive recommendations and requests for hotel rooms.” As many obstacles to treatment as possible should be removed.

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