Jacksonville Lady Loses “Home On The Water” After Boat Fire During Nicole

Brenda Jones’s sailboat Euphoria, which she referred to as her “home on the water,” was destroyed.

“Euphoria” is “a sensation of absolute happiness and contentment,” Jones explained. Her year of manufacture was 1971, making her a Pierson 33. She was an ideal coastal cruiser for Florida.

Jones claimed that she and her husband left the yacht and stayed with friends during the storm. When she got the terrible phone call from her buddy, the boat was anchored on the Ortega River.

Jacksonville Lady Loses "Home On The Water" After Boat Fire During Nicole
Jacksonville Lady Loses “Home On The Water” After Boat Fire During Nicole

To make sure everything is okay while I’m away, a friend who lives in the marina on that side of town checks in on it every day. My boat is on fire, she yells at me when I answer the phone. To quote Jones:

A fire boat from the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department was dispatched to extinguish the blaze. Exactly what started the fire is still a mystery.

Being at anchor prevented the fire from spreading to other vessels in the harbor. However, according to Jones, the boat sank into the river before she could reach it.

Jones’s only home was Euphoria, but she is currently residing with friends. Everything she owned was destroyed in the fire except for her cat and the clothing she was wearing.

“The fact that I have nowhere to call home is the worst part. Although Jones acknowledged that life on a boat was different from that on dry land, he emphasized that his possessions were nonetheless on board.

Jones claims she filed a claim with her boat’s insurance company and is awaiting reimbursement.

They say it’s a 51-year-old vessel. To me, it’s worth far more than what the insurance company offered. Jones said, “Your home isn’t worth to anyone what it’s worth to you.

The boat, which sank to the bottom of the Ortega River, will be recovered by her insurance company.


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