Jacksonville Police: Infant Dies In Heated Car

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office reports that a baby girl died Tuesday after being left in a car outside a Northside home.

According to Sgt. Silcox of the Sheriff’s Office, police and the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department responded to the area of Newberry Road and Broward Road where an unresponsive youngster was found. According to Silcox, the child was rushed to the hospital where she later passed away.

Landon Parrot
Jacksonville Police: Infant Dies In Heated Car

According to Silcox, the home on the corner doubles as a functioning company. According to his preliminary inquiry, the child’s father drove to the scene to perform some work, parked the car, and then forgot about his daughter for almost an hour before realizing she was still inside.

“He yanked the kid out, started CPR, and dialed 911,” Silcox said.

The police were canvassing the area and interviewing the father in the hopes of finding video evidence. According to him, police have just starting their investigation.

Sherriff’s deputies were dispatched to the scene at 2:22 p.m., according to the sheriff’s office, and Silcox saw that the car’s engine was turned off. A car’s interior might have reached an estimated 114 degrees after 20 minutes, 123 degrees after 40 minutes, and 128 degrees after an hour, according to the Weather Authority’s calculations.

Children are particularly vulnerable to heat stroke in cars, according to Jessica Winberry, injury prevention coordinator at Wolfson Children’s Hospital.

The body temperatures of young children can rise three to five times faster than those of an adult, according to Winberry.

In her talk, she offered guidance to parents.

She advised making it routine to check the backseat by placing an object there (such as a purse or briefcase).

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