January 6 Rioter Who Attacked Michael Fanone Gets 7+ Years In Prison

On Tuesday, 86 months of prison time was handed down to Kyle Young, one of numerous rioters who attacked police officer Michael Fanone during the January 6, 2021 uprising near the US Capitol.

During sentencing, Judge Amy Berman Jackson reminded Young, “On January 6, the violence was you.” She went on to describe how Young attacked Fanone “under the swirling banner of a ‘Blue Lives Matter’ flag.”

Inmate Serving Life For Fatal Bombing In Las Vegas Escapes Prison
Inmate Serving Life For Fatal Bombing In Las Vegas Escapes Prison

During the riot, Young held Fanone’s wrist and pulled his arm, causing the officer to be dragged into the throng. He pled guilty to assault in May.

Fanone has moved on from his time with the Met Police to become a CNN commentator.

Fanone was brutally attacked by protesters in one of the day’s worst attacks on police guarding the Capitol after being taken from the line of guards. After pleading with the rioters to spare his life because of his children, he was tased in the neck and passed out.

Jackson claims that Young was the one who gave the stun gun that killed Fanone to another rioter. Young then demonstrated how to use the tool to the newcomer.

You equipped somebody, Jackson continued, and now you have to teach them how to use their weapons.

Daniel Rodriguez, the suspect who has been accused of killing Fanone via electrocution, has maintained his innocence.

Young, who had brought his 16-year-old son with him to the Capitol, told Fanone at the sentencing hearing, “I hope someday you’ll forgive me.” To paraphrase, “I know you detest me.”

“Whatever you give me as punishment I accept and I probably deserve,” Young told the judge.

Prosecutors played footage of Fanone being engulfed by his attackers as part of his punishment. Those shouts are audible on the footage. Screams, Jackson characterized Fanone’s pleas for the rioters to halt.

At the hearing on Tuesday, Fanone testified that Young “violently battered” him and urged the judge for a 10-year prison term. The ex-cop claimed Young stopped him from reaching for his gun and radio, which he dubbed “lifelines.”

Fanone claimed, “I would have lost my life” if the mobsters hadn’t dragged him out.

Fanone continued, “The assault on me by Mr. Young lost me my profession,” before turning to Young and expressing his desire that he endured pain behind bars.

A member in the audience called Fanone a “piece of s**t” as he returned to his seat in the courtroom, prompting a deputy US Marshal to remove the man from the building.

Albuquerque Head, one of Young’s co-defendants, pleaded guilty to the assault as well and is scheduled to be sentenced in late October.

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