Jasmine Hartin Pleads Guilty to Manslaughter After Belize Police Officer Shot Killed

Jasmine Hartin, a Canadian socialite, pleaded guilty to manslaughter after a police chief in Belize was killed by a shot fired by her.

Lord Michael Ashcroft’s former daughter-in-law pleaded guilty to manslaughter by carelessness in the death of 42-year-old Henry Jemmott at the Supreme Court in Belize City. Her trial is set to start on Wednesday.

News from Channel 5 in Belize said Hartin said outside the court, “I just want Henry’s family to be at peace, and I want this whole thing to be over so we can all heal.”

It also said that the 33-year-old asked the court for an idea of what her sentence would be. The judge told her that she could get a non-jail sentence, which would involve a fine and/or paying the family money.

In May 2021, Hartin’s body was found on a dock near where her friend Superintendent Jemmott’s body had been found. There had been rumors of a gunshot.

Police Commissioner Chester C. Williams told local reporters, “When police went to look into it, they found the woman on a pier. It looked like blood was on her arms and clothes.”

A Single Gunshot Was Heard

He also said that a single gunshot was heard and that a gun that belonged to the father of five was found on the pier.

Hartin, who has two kids with Lord Ashcroft’s 43-year-old son Andrew and is a US citizen, is said to have asked the officer, who was a friend, over for a drink to talk about her personal security.

Then, they are thought to have broken Covid’s curfew by going to a nearby dock, where she gave him a massage for his sore shoulder.

The tweet below confirms the news:

It’s not clear what happened next. Hartin’s story of what happened seems to be that Mr. Jemmott put down his gun, and when she gave it back to him, he accidentally shot himself with it. The father of five was hit by a bullet behind the ear, which killed him.

Hartin’s lawyer, Orson “OJ” Elrington, told reporters that his client’s main worry was “not putting the victim’s family through the pain of having to go through a trial.” Elrington said that Hartin kept saying that she didn’t want to do that.

According to Channel 5 Belize, the sentencing meeting is likely to take place on May 31.

Hartin pleaded guilty, so Mr. Elrington said the judge is likely to give Hartin a term without jail time.

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