JD Vance Net Worth: Trump-backed JD Vance Keeps The Republican Senate Seat In Ohio

James David Vance is an American venture capitalist, lawyer, author, and politician. Hillbilly Elegy, his memoir published in 2016, helped him gain notoriety. He was chosen as the Republican Party’s nominee for United States Senator in Ohio in 2022.

Early Life

James David Vance was born James Donald Bowman on August 2, 1984, in Middletown, Ohio, between Cincinnati and Dayton, to Donald Bowman and Bev Vance. Scottish-Irish. Vance’s parents split as a toddler. After that, his mother’s third husband adopted Vance.

“Mamaw and Papaw” James and Bonnie Vance raised Vance and his sister. J. D. eventually took his stepfather’s surname, James Hamel, before taking his grandparents’ surname, Vance.

Middletown High School educated Vance. He joined the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing as a war correspondent in Iraq after graduating. Vance earned a BA in political science and philosophy from Ohio State University summa cum laude. At Ohio State, he worked for Republican Senator Bob Schuler.

Yale Law School awarded Vance a Juris Doctor after Ohio State. His first-year Yale Law professor Amy Chua convinced him to write his memoir.


Vance left a corporate law company to work in technology in San Francisco. He was a Mithril Capital principal under Peter Thiel.

Harper published Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis in 2016. 2016 and 2017 New York Times Best Seller. It won the 2017 Audie Award for Nonfiction and was a Dayton Literary Peace Prize finalist.

The New York Times rated it “one of the six greatest books to help understand Trump’s success”. The Washington Post named him the “voice of the Rust Belt”, while The New Republic called him “liberal media’s favorite white trash–splainer” and the “false prophet of blue America”.

JD Vance Net Worth

West Virginia-born economist William Easterly attacked the book, stating, “Sloppy analysis of groups—coastal elites, flyover America, Muslims, immigrants, those without college degrees, etc.—is common. It’s destroying politics.”

Vance was a vocal Trump critic in 2016. “Trump’s actual policy proposals, such as they are, vary from immoral to ludicrous,” he wrote in February 2016 USA Today. He tweeted “reprehensible” and “never-Trump person” in October 2016.

Vance’s law school roommate, Josh McLaurin, forwarded Vance’s 2016 presidential campaign tweets warning that Trump may become “America’s Hitler” or a “cynical asshole” like Richard Nixon. Vance also said he will vote for Evan McMullin in 2016.

Vance changed his mind in February 2018, claiming Trump “is one of the few political leaders in America that recognizes the frustration that exists in big areas of Ohio, Pennsylvania, eastern Kentucky, and so forth.”

Trump-backed JD Vance Keeps The Republican Senate Seat In Ohio

JD Vance, author of “Hillbilly Elegy,” defeated Tim Ryan, a Democrat running for a vacant U.S. seat. Democrats who saw it as one of their best opportunities nationally to flip a seat were dealt a blow on Tuesday when Republicans won the Ohio Senate seat.

The 38-year-old venture capitalist and newbie to politics Vance profited from Trump’s last-minute surge. Despite Vance having once referred to himself as a “never-Trumper,” the former Republican president had supported him in a crowded, bitter Republican primary and later campaigned twice for him, most recently on election night.

Ryan failed to make his claim that Vance’s Ivy League degree and experience in the San Francisco tech industry indicated he was out of touch with Ohio values stick, while Vance and Trump were effective in connecting him to the national economic climate he blamed on President Joe Biden.

However, in his victory speech on Tuesday, Vance applauded Ryan’s campaign and praised his commitment to the state. He promised to defend the working Ohioans who served as the centerpiece of Ryan’s campaign and to speak for all Ohioans, whether or not they supported him.

Vance brought to mind his “Mamaw,” the sarcastic Appalachian grandmother who raised him and was portrayed by Glenn Close in the film about his challenging upbringing that was directed by Ron Howard.

Personal Life

Usha Chilukuri Vance, a former classmate from law school, and Vance have been married since 2014. They are parents of three kids. Vance and his family lived in San Francisco for a significant portion of his professional career and were involved in neighborhood gardening there. Also, read about Andy Dalton Net Worth

Vance was reared in a “conservative, evangelical” branch of Protestantism, but by September 2016, he had “not been an active member” in any particular religion and was “considering very seriously about converting to Catholicism.”

Vance underwent Roman Catholic baptism and confirmation in an event at St. Gertrude Priory in Cincinnati, Ohio, in August 2019.

Augustine of Hippo was the name he selected for confirmation. Vance explained how Roman Catholic theology shaped his political beliefs and claimed that he became a Catholic because he “grew persuaded over time that Catholicism was true.”

Also in 2019, Vance published an essay outlining the grounds for his conversion to Roman Catholicism in The Lamp’s debut issue, which has subsequently been referred to as “a Catholic version of The New Yorker”.

JD Vance Net Worth

JD Vance Net Worth is estimated to be around $7 Million currently. Vance has often referred to illegal immigration as “dirty,” despite once chastising Trump for denigrating immigrants.

Democrats “have realized that they can’t win reelection in 2022 unless they attract a significant number of new votes to replace the folks that are currently here,” he said to Tucker Carlson in 2022.


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