Jeep Swept Down Slope By California Mudslide, Video Shows

Early this month, a family in a mountain town of Southern California was taken by surprise when they captured the moment their Jeep was swept away from the driveway and down a slope.

On September 12, heavy rains brought on by Tropical Storm Kay triggered a mudslide near Jessica Richey’s home in Forest Falls, trapping her and her family inside.

Jeep Swept Down Slope By California Mudslide, Video Shows
Jeep Swept Down Slope By California Mudslide, Video Shows

A massive debris flow, consisting of mud and “very large boulders,” sped downhill from the mudslides, sweeping away “everything in its path,” authorities stated at the time.

Although rocks and other debris were carried away by the mudslide that swept past the Richeys’ house, the family’s car was also lost.

Richey’s son is heard stating, “Mom, the Jeep is gone,” on camera.

The family’s video doorbell recorded the moment their green Jeep was swept off the slope

On September 12, mudslides fueled by late-evening thunderstorms washed away cars, buried homes, and impacted around 3,000 people in Forest Falls and Oak Glen.

Doris Jagiello, a 62-year-old local of Forest Falls, was discovered dead Thursday, buried under several feet of mud. Remains were discovered twenty to thirty feet from her residence.

Lt. Jeff Allison of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department claimed that rocks ranging in size from basketballs to boulders to small automobiles had smashed through Jagiello’s window.

However, Allison has still not located her other two dogs, despite the fact that one of her dogs was discovered alive inside her home.

Areas of the San Bernardino Mountains that were burned in the catastrophic El Dorado Fire two years ago, when a couple used a smoke device to find out the gender of their unborn child, were at risk of mudslides. The pair was accused of involuntary manslaughter in the firefighter’s untimely death.

After decades as a summer retreat for cabin owners in the San Bernardino Mountains, today’s Forest Falls is mostly used as a year-round residential area.