Jeff Hardy Net Worth, WWE Career, And All You Need To Know

Professional wrestling superstar Jeff Hardy is one of the most recognizable names in the sport. At present, he works for WWE under the SmackDown brand as an active professional wrestler since 1993. In addition to WWE, Hardy has wrestled for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA), Ring of Honor (ROH), and various other independent companies.

Jeff Hardy Career

The Trampoline Wrestling Federation (TWF) was founded by Hardy and his pals, who mimicked the maneuvers they saw on television. They renamed it, but it was eventually incorporated into a North Carolina county fair. Before coming to WWF, the brothers and their pals all worked for various small businesses.

They founded their own wrestling company with skilled wrestlers such as Joey Matthews, Steve Corino, Shannon Moore, Gregory Helms, and others, the Organization of Modern Extreme Grappling Arts (OMEGA), with Thomas Simpson. Characters like Hardy’s Willow the Wisp, The Masked Mountain, Jack Tomkins, Mean Jimmy, and Iceman all had other names in addition to their given identities.

Jeff Hardy WWE Career

Hardy and his brother Matt Hardy signed up with WWE as a tag team. In 1998, the two inked contracts with the business. The WWE Universe went crazy about the two as soon as they appeared on WWE TV, and the duo received tremendous support as a result. As a result of their ascent to the pinnacle of the tag team division thanks to the support of the crowd, many fond memories were made.

Hardy then announced in 2003 that he was taking a vacation from WWE due to personal concerns. After a brief stint with smaller wrestling outfits, he returned to WWE in 2006. With Matt Hardy at his side after his comeback, the two quickly rose to the top of the tag team division once more.

A classic feud between the Hardy Boys and the Dudley Boys, Bubba Ray, and Dvon, as well as Edge and Christian, followed, which is regarded as one of the greatest in WWE history. The first-ever Table, Ladders, and Chair match shortly took place among the three teams, and the WWE Universe was delighted.

After winning the WWE Intercontinental Championship in 2007, Hardy went on to capture the WWE Championship. After a short time in WWE, Hardy moved on to other promotions, where he gained even more notoriety. After an eight-year absence from WWE, he returned to the ring as Willow and Brother Nero, among others.

A year later, he returned to WWE at WrestleMania as part of the Raw Tag Team Championship contest alongside Matt. Afterward, Matt and Jeff moved on to their solo careers as the Hardy Boyz won the championship. In 2018, Hardy became the United States Champion, and in 2020, the Intercontinental Champion. When he was released from WWE in 2021, the legend was quickly replaced by AEW’s new CEO.

Jeff Hardy Biography

On August 31st, 1977, Jeff Hardy was born in Cameroon, North Carolina. He and his older brother, Matt Hardy, were major wrestling fans. They lied on their entry form because they were so desperate to be a part of professional wrestling.

It was claimed that they were above 18, however, they were 16 and 17-year-olds. They began their professional wrestling career as a “jobber” or non-billed performer. A jobber is a person hired only to defeat well-known opponents. He and his brother started building a reputation for themselves over time. They were renamed the “Hardy Boys” after that.

Career as an Artist

Besides being an accomplished poet and musician, Hardy also works as a visual artist and writes songs. He refers to this aspect of himself as ‘The Imag-I-Nation,’ and has made 3-D artwork as large as 30 feet. After he founded a band called ‘PeroxWhy?Gen,’ he quickly disbanded the group.

The trailer, on the other hand, became a recording studio where he learned to play the guitar and drums on his own, as well. Apart from wrestling competitions, he also performs in the genres of rock and pops from time to time.

Jeff Hardy’s Net Worth

Jeff Hardy is An American professional wrestler, singer, composer, and musician with a net worth of $8 million dollars.

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