Jeffree Star Before Surgery: How Much Did He Pay For His Plastic Surgeries?

Jeffree Star Before Surgery: As Jeffree Star, Jeffrey Lynn Steininger Jr. is a well-known American makeup artist, musician, YouTuber, and businessman. Star is the creator and proprietor of Jeffree Star Cosmetics as well as the “Lollipop Luxury” hitmaker in the music industry.

The studio album Beauty Killer was created by him. The makeup artist who doubles as a beautician primarily shares beauty-related instructions on his YouTube channel.

In addition, Star has said that he is gay and that his fascination with beauty has led him to undertake a number of plastic surgery in an effort to resemble a woman.

Jeffree Star Before Surgery

The look he wanted. Jeffree Star, unlike most celebrities, has openly discussed the cosmetic operations that significantly altered his public image. Star even went so far as to share a video of himself getting surgery, going through recovery, and emerging fully healed to demonstrate his confidence in his new appearance. What cosmetic procedures did he have done, then?

Jeffree Star Before Surgery

What Plastic Surgeries Did He Undergo

The majority of Jeffree Star’s cosmetic surgeries are reconstructive due to his fixation with looking feminine. How did Jeffree Star obtain such a feminine appearance, for example? How did his dental situation get to be so ideal? How did he get rid of the bumps under his lips? How does his new hairline look? These are merely a few popular rumors that left Star’s admirers perplexed prior to the makeup artist’s public admission that he had;

  1. Teeth replacement surgery
  2. Gender surgery
  3. Hairline lowering surgery
  4. Lip reconstructive surgery

Hairline Lowering Surgery

Jeffree Star has disliked his hairline since he was in the ninth grade, and this alone motivated him to get a hairline reduction surgery in an effort to acquire a beautiful new hairline. Star reveals that he chose Dr. Ziering, a hair transplant surgeon who is the best in the industry, only after conducting a ton of research.

“Hey, folks!” Jeffree Star writes in an Instagram post as she describes her hairline-reducing procedure. I wanted to let you know what has been happening! I hate concealing things from you, but I’ve been hiding since I’ve been taping the entire operation and recovery process! In essence, I have detested my hairline since I was in the ninth grade.

I inherited my parents’ poor hair genes from them. Additionally, I shave off my eyebrows before drawing them on, which makes me seem much worse when I’m not wearing any makeup! So, after doing thorough research, I discovered Dr. Ziering to be THE greatest hair transplant surgeon.

He is the best and most innovative (@dr.craig l ziering). He is the one responsible for @caitlynjenner’s stunning new hairline! It’s a joy to be able to remedy something that has tormented me for so long since I never thought it would ever change!

Lip Reconstructive Surgery

Jeffree Star would give anything to have huge, luscious lips. He underwent lip reconstruction surgery as a result of this life-or-death drive to drastically alter his appearance. Jeffree Star underwent two filler cosmetic surgeries to get his current appearance; the first time was disappointing for her because the treatment went wrong.

He claims that all he wanted was a Juvederm injection, but the doctor gave her one that had silicone and Juvederm mixed together, leaving lumps under his lips. He had to undergo a second treatment to remove the lamps because of the unfavorable outcomes.

Teeth Replacement Surgery

Jeffree Star had pretty poor teeth before undergoing a tooth replacement procedure. The most difficult part of it all is having to admit such a brutal truth.

But not for Jeffree Star. Jeffree isn’t afraid to talk about how bad his dental situation was, especially now that he’s had a successful procedure to replace his missing teeth, which appears to have done wonders for him. The make-up artist reveals in his docuseries, “The Secret World of Jeffree Star,” that he was born with terrible teeth, a characteristic he acquired from his mother.

He claims that it was this issue that prompted the choice to get surgery to replace missing teeth. Jeffree Star’s damaged teeth were replaced with new ones made of Zirconia crystals during the cosmetic treatment. Each tooth on his jaw was filed down to a little point prior to getting crowns.

His entire mouth had new dental work done. Star claims that although being extremely uncomfortable, the process was worthwhile.

How Much Did Jeffree Star Pay For His Plastic Surgeries

Although Jeffree Star has kept the specifics of her plastic surgery procedures a secret, it is possible to approximate how much he spent on each procedure. Rough estimations can be used to determine the final cost; it is claimed that lip filler injections range in price from $550 to $2,000 in total.

An approximate estimate of the cost of the tooth replacement procedure reveals that fixed implant-supported dentures cost between $ 15, 000 and $ 28, 000, whilst detachable implant-retained dentures cost between $ 8,000 and 17,500. Surgery to reduce the hairline often costs $7,000. With the ballpark figures, it wouldn’t be difficult to estimate how much Jeffree Star parted to alter his appearance.

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