Jeffrey Soffer Net Worth: Why is He So Famous?

Jewish real estate developer Jeffrey Soffer was born in Miami, Florida in 1968. He is the current chairman and chief executive officer of Turnberry. Soffer is also well-known for his generosity. After graduating from high school, Jeffrey dove headfirst into his professional career.

Jeffrey Soffer’s Net Worth $1 Billion

Jeffrey Soffer’s father, Donald Soffer, co-founded the Turnberry company with Jeffrey’s older brother Harry following World War II. Jeffrey spent his formative years in Miami. After constructing the Norwin Shopping Centre in Irwin, Pennsylvania, the business also ran the Baldoc Hills Golf Club there.

In 1964, Donald Soffer founded what would become the Soffer Organization; he would go on to become the company’s chairman. The name of the business would eventually change to Turnberry. Since Donald Soffer passed away, his son Jeffrey took over the aforementioned role.

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Condominiums in Las Vegas, Washington, and the Bahamas, as well as a home in Miami, are now part of Jeffrey Soffer’s real estate portfolio. Soffer is currently collaborating with New Jersey-based real estate developer Richard LeFrak on a venture called Sole Mia.

Jeffrey Soffer Net Worth
Jeffrey Soffer Net Worth

An estimated 4,400 condominiums, a movie theater, and other commercial and retail spaces will replace the dump’s original 183 acres in North Miami. In addition, the business is constructing two 55-story apartment buildings at Sunny Isles Beach, to the east of Aventura.

The two penthouses are worth a combined $35 million, according to estimates. The Soffer family also owns the Fontainebleau Miami Beach, a hotel popular with A-listers thanks to its two high-end eateries and hip bar scene.

Eventually, Jeffrey Soffer’s net worth will rise virtually daily due to all of the aforementioned properties and projects. Jeffrey was one of the lucky ones when a helicopter he was riding in crashed in the Bahamas at the end of 2012, he suffered multiple broken bones, including a fractured vertebra, but thankfully his two friends did not.

A year later, the widow of a friend sued Soffer for $100 million, claiming that Jeffrey was to blame for the crash because he was inexperienced with flying a helicopter in bad weather.

Jeffrey Soffer Net Worth
Jeffrey Soffer Net Worth

Jeffrey Soffer Real Estate

Soffer paid $26 million for a mansion in 2000, where Jeffrey and Elle made their home during their marriage. The nearly 25,600-square-foot Mediterranean-style home is located in Indian Creek, Florida. In addition to his reported $170 million yacht, Jeffrey has reportedly spent time as the owner of a ranch in Aspen, Colorado.

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