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Why Did Jeremy Allen White Divorce With His Wife Addison Timlin?

Jeremy Allen White Divorce

Jeremy Allen White Divorce

When he won a Golden Globe for his part in The Bear four months before, he told her he loved her on stage, so people were very curious about why Jeremy Allen White and Addison Timlin broke up. After all, not too long ago, they seemed so happy.

What Happened Between Jeremy Allen White and Addison Timlin?

We don’t know for sure because when TMZ reported the divorce, they only had court papers to back up their claim that she started the breakup on May 11, 2023.

But Timlin’s Mother’s Day Instagram post on May 14, 2023, in which she thanked “everyone who has helped me in the last nine months,” showed that they had been apart for longer than anyone thought.

According to DeuxMoi, online sleuths think it might be a cheating scandal, but it’s important to remember that DeuxMoi herself—whoever she is, we don’t know who she is, but we do know she’s from New York City—has never said that the rumors spread by her account are true or confirmed.

She told the New York Times in 2020, “I’ve always stuck to what I said from the start, which is that this information has never been proven to be true.” “I don’t look into anything else. I’m not a reporter.”

One source said, “Brooklyn’s hottest dad, whose divorce just became public, cheated on his wife with a PA from his big show, which is getting a second season.” Another person wrote:

“Anonymous, please, but I’ve been sitting on some wild tea for a few weeks and am moved to share after seeing a certain TV actor still wearing his wedding ring on tonight’s award show. His wife is currently having an affair with an actor, writer, and director she met through a female co-star in his most recent movie. I don’t know when it will be made public, but I’ve heard that both people involved plan to do so soon.”

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Page Six reported in June 2023 that a source said that cheating wasn’t a factor in the breakup and that his work routine on The Bear was the reason for the end of their marriage.

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