Jerome Man Convicted of Shooting Neighbor

A man from Jerome who pleaded guilty to manslaughter on March 13 was given a prison term of between 57 and 180 months on May 1.

Jonathan Navarre Ressler, who was 28, wore jail clothes and sat quietly next to his lawyer, Mark Linton, as he was sentenced on Monday morning.

He agreed to take a deal on March 13. In return for the “no contest” plea, the open murder and felony firearm charges were dropped.

Judge Sara Lisznai read parts of a Michigan State Police report into the record on March 13 to give a reason for the plea.

According to those parts of the police report, Ressler and his wife were out shopping for a house when his mother-in-law, who was visiting from Florida, called to tell him that Natasha Cole, 26, had come into the house while she was out taking care of the chickens and was sitting on the couch.

The mother-in-law called Ressler, who told her to have Cole sit on the couch until he got home. When he got home, he found her standing in the kitchen. Then he went to his room and got a.22 Heritage revolver, which he hid on his body.

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He Kept Following Her

Ressler led Cole out of the house and started following her to the property line after he got the gun. When he kept following her, she got angry and started yelling at him.

As she changed course and headed toward Ressler’s side yard, the situation got worse, and Cole turned to Ressler and threatened him. Then he took the gun out of his belt and fired one shot, hitting Cole in the upper chest. Later, rescuers said that she was dead.

MSP troops were sent to the scene after someone said a woman had been shot while trying to break into a house. When police and first responders came, Cole was in Ressler’s yard with a single gunshot wound.

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