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Jim Brown Cause of Death: How Did the Hall of Famer Die?

Jim Brown Cause of Death

Jim Brown Cause of Death

Jim Brown, a legendary running back for the Cleveland Browns, died at the age of 87. The running back helped the Browns win the NFL title in 1964. After the 1965 season, when he was at the top of his game, he quit to become an actor. Let’s read more about what caused Jim Brown’s Death,

Jim Brown’s Cause of Death

Several sources say that Brown’s death was a natural one. At the time of his death, the former Cleveland Browns running back and his wife were at their home in Los Angeles.

The tweet below confirms the news of Brown’s death:

Jim Brown’s Career From Football to Film

After leading the NFL with 1,544 rushing yards in 1965 and being named the league’s most valuable player, Mr. Brown spent the offseason filming the World War II action drama “The Dirty Dozen.”

When the movie production was delayed, interfering with the beginning of training camp, Mr. Brown stayed with the movie, abruptly retired and never played football again.

At the time, he owned 15 NFL records, leaving football fans to wonder what he could have done if he had played for a few more years.

Mr. Brown never looked back.

“I was a symbol of a Black man who wanted all of my freedoms,” he told The Washington Post in 1979. “It’s very difficult for White America to understand that if you are part of football’s elite why you are not satisfied with recognition and good money. … As an American citizen, I wanted the same rights as all Americans. Anyone who expected me to be overjoyed that I was doing well in football would be disappointed.”

Mr. Brown was in more than 50 movies as an actor, and many of them were action movies like “Ice Station Zebra” (1968) and “100 Rifles” (1969). In the latter, which was set in early 1900s Mexico, Mr. Brown played an American sheriff and Raquel Welch played a farmer leader. They had one of the first on-screen love scenes between people of different races.

The reviewer Howard Thompson wrote in the New York Times, “Mr. Brown, a big, good-looking guy, doesn’t do much acting, but he has a presence.”

Even though Jim Brown seemed bigger than life, it seemed like no one could fully explain how complicated he was. He had a way of acting weak but showing his strength, both on and off the field.

After bringing the ball, he would slowly pull himself up off the ground and hobble back toward the huddle. As soon as his opponents felt like they had slowed him down enough, he would pick up the ball again and run over anyone who tried to stop him.

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Mr. Brown never missed a game in his nine-year career, and he is the only player in NFL history to average more than 100 yards rushing per game, 104.3 to be accurate.

Jim Steffen, who played defense for Washington, was once asked how to stop him. “Hold on and wait for help,” he said.

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