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Who is Joe Keery Dating? Is Stranger Thing’s Joe Keery Still Dating Maika Monroe?

Who is Joe Keery Dating

Who is Joe Keery Dating

Who Is Joe Keery Dating?

Maika Monroe, Joe’s long-term girlfriend, is currently dating him. Since their first meeting in 2017 on the set of After Everything, the two have been linked to each other. Despite keeping their relationship quiet on social media, the two have appeared together at several awards shows and other public occasions over the past few decades. For the Stranger Things season 2 premiere, they made their red carpet debut together.

While quarantined, Joe talked about spending time with Maika in GQ.

To put it another way, the quarantine period felt like an extended family reunion. Dating someone in the industry has its drawbacks, I suppose. There are advantages as well, such as having someone who has a good grasp of your innermost thoughts and feelings. I do believe she is, however, a lot like me. In other words, she isn’t overly concerned with it.”

They look like they’re having the time of their lives. When Joe Keery and Maika Monroe made their red carpet debut at the Stranger Things season 2 premiere in 2017, they were dating.

Many awards and premieres have been attended jointly by the couple, even though they keep their relationship quiet. Actor Keery first met Monroe at a party in Los Angeles in the year 2021, according to GQ.

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The gold necklace he always wears, which was given to him by the It Follows actress, was a present from the Massachusetts native, according to GQ. I found it on the road when we were going. Her gift to him for the holidays was an entirely new version of the original, he said. Although the actor and musician joked that he sometimes fears the necklace is haunted, he added that “things have been very nice for me, so I can’t say.”

After Everything, a 2018 film starring Monroe and Keery, starred the two actresses. After Elliot (Jeremy Allen White) is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, Monroe stars as Mia, who initiates a romantic involvement with him. After a terrible Tinder meeting with Chris, played by Keery, Mia meets Elliot. Sasha Lane, Dean Winters, and Marisa Tomei round out the cast.

The actor who played Molly’s Game in Independence Day: Resurgence, Liam Hemsworth, was originally rumored to be Monroe’s boyfriend before they met. One of the guests at Roland Emmerich’s Fourth of July bash told Us Weekly that they had gotten to know each other. At the bar, she was grinding into him and he had his hand on her butt, according to the insider. “Liam was smothering her with his arms. When it came to PDA, it was almost too much to bear!”

It was previously reported that Monroe and Hemsworth were “not official, but their chemistry is crazy!” by a source close to the actress. Chris Hemsworth opened up about the difficulties of dating following his split with Miley Cyrus in an interview with Men’s Health & Fitness in November 2015. “Dating is a huge challenge.

Because I’m constantly on the move, I don’t hang out in bars or clubs. I’m surrounded by wonderful people, but I rarely meet anyone new. A relationship in the entertainment world can be difficult, but not to the point of depression, he said to the media outlet.

During a Dodgers game in 2013, Taylor Lautner and Marilyn Monroe were sighted together and rumors of a relationship were sparked. In West Hollywood in 2016, she was spotted locking hands with actor Boyd Holbrook from Narcos.

Who is Maika Monroe?

Maika has appeared in It Follows, Independence Day: Resurgence, and Hot Summer Nights. For her role in Watcher, which premiered in theatres on June 3, 2022, she received acclaim. In addition to her successful acting career, she is a professional kiteboarder, a sport she began at the age of 13 and has continued ever since. Cool!

Maika was not the name she was given when she was born! Dillon Monroe Buckley was the actress’s first name, although she went by Maika for most of her life until she changed it legally. According to her interview with Under the Radar, her mother was contemplating naming her daughter Maika before she settled on the name Dillon. After hearing this story, Monroe decided Maika was the best fit for her and began going by it at a very young age.

Liam Hemsworth has also been linked to the California native, along with Joe Keery. Yes, when filming Independence Day: Resurgence, the two sparked suspicions of a possible romantic relationship between two. The two never discussed their romance in public, so we have no idea what happened.

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