Joe Lacob Net Worth: How did Joe Lacob Make his money?

Joe Lacob Biography

When Joe Lacob was born in January 1956, he was raised in New Bedford, Massachusetts. At Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, the majority owner of the Golden State Warriors, he is a partner. Lacob received a bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Irvine, and went on to get a master’s degree in public health from the University of California, Los Angeles, and an MBA from Stanford University.

While at Cetus Corporation, he worked with FHP International and Booz, Allen, & Hamilton before joining Kleiner Perkins in 1987. The American Basketball Association, a professional women’s basketball league that never took off, had Lacob as a major backer. In 2006, he became a shareholder in the Boston Celtics.

Golden State Warriors Purchase

Golden State Warriors Purchase

The Golden State Warriors were purchased by Joe Lacob and a group of investors in 2010 for $450 million. He had to sell his stake in the Celtics before finalizing the deal. Lacob had been a season ticket holder for ten years before owning the Warriors. Stephen Curry was drafted by the organization in the months leading up to his purchase from Davidson University. Curry rose to prominence in the NBA within a short period. This is Stephen’s third NBA title with the Warriors.

The Warriors have a value of $2.6 billion as of 2017. They had a value of $3.5 billion in 2019. The Warriors are projected to be valued at $6 billion at this time.

Beyonce Controversy

Nicole Curren, Joe’s wife, became a minor celebrity on June 5, 2019, when she sat close to Beyonce at Game 3 of the NBA Finals. Nicole was spotted leaning over Beyonce to talk to Jay-Z at one point during the show. Nicole became one of the hottest topics on Twitter the following day because Beyonce’s expression appeared to be irritated by the gesture.

Joe Lacob Real Estate

Joe purchased a Malibu beach property for $29 million in September 2019. In 2007, he paid $19.8 million for a 14,000-square-foot estate in Atherton, California, where he currently resides. Google pioneer Sergey Brin’s $180 million ranch compound and Whatsapp creator Jan Koum’s $100 million residences are just a few blocks apart from his Atherton home. Joe and Jan acquired Malibu mansions at approximately the same time, but Jan’s property cost $125 million, which was a substantial price difference.

Joe Lacob Net Worth

Joe Lacob, a billionaire American entrepreneur, has a fortune estimated at $3 billion. Joe Lacob is best known as the majority owner of the NBA’s Golden State Warriors after making a fortune as a venture capitalist. In 2010, Lacob paid $450 million for the Warriors with a group of investors led by Peter Guber. It was just over a year before the Warriors purchased Stephen Curry, a collegiate basketball talent who had been overlooked.

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