Joe Manganiello’s Net Worth: How He Makes Money Amid Split From Sofia Vergara?

Joe Manganiello has gotten a lot of attention for being Sofia Vergara’s “Instagram husband,” but that’s not all he is. He has been playing since the late 1990s. His first movie was Spider-Man, which came out in 2002.

Joe’s big break came in 2009 when he was cast as Alcide on the TV show True Blood. After that, his career took off like a rocket. People say that Joe and Sofia are going to get a divorce, so keep reading to find out how much Joe is worth.

Joe Manganiello’s Net Worth

Joe Manganiello is an American actor, exercise author, director, and producer with a net worth of $40 million. Joe Manganiello got into acting the old-fashioned way. In high school, he played more than one sport, and in his last year, he was the lead in the show at his school. In his final year, a torn MCL kept him from playing football, so he tried out for Carnegie Mellon’s School of Drama.

He didn’t get in, but he worked on his skills at the University of Pittsburgh for a year and then tried again. He got in this time. After getting his BFA in acting in 2000, he moved to Los Angeles, where he got his first part as Eugene “Flash” Thompson in “Spider-Man.”

From there, he went on to play parts on a number of TV shows, such as “So Notorious,” “Las Vegas,” “Jake in Progress,” “Close to Home,” “Scrubs,” “American Heiress,” “How I Met Your Mother,” “One Tree Hill,” “‘Til Death,” “CSI,” “CSI: NY,” and “CSI: Miami.”

He has been in movies like “Magic Mike” and “How I Met Your Mother” in the past few years. People also know him as Alcide Herveaux from the hit supernatural show “True Blood.”

Personal Life

Joe Manganiello's Net Worth

After going out with actress Sofia Vergara for six months, Manganiello proposed to her on Christmas Day, 2014.

They got married in Palm Beach, Florida, in November 2015. Their marriage wasn’t so easy, though. Joe and Sofia broke up in July 2023. They had been together for seven years.

He works hard for several causes, but UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh is the one he cares most about because he is on their board of trustees. Dungeons & Dragons is a game that Manganiello is known to like and play. He’s played the game on web shows like “Critical Role,” “Nerd Poker,” and “CelebriD&D.”

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Real Estate

Before they got married, Sofia bought a big house in Beverly Hills, California, for $10,6 million in 2014. Sofa and Joe will sell this house for $19.6 million in July 2022. The 11,000-square-foot home was completely redone, and it has a pool, a big gym, a spa, and a movie theater.

In June 2020, she and Joe paid $26 million for an amazing mansion in a gated neighborhood in the mountains of Beverly Hills called Beverly Park. Barry Bonds, a famous baseball player, owned the house from 2002 to 2014 when he sold it to a Russian billionaire for $22 million.

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