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A Guy From Johnson County is Accused of Trying to Kill Someone in an Olathe Shooting

Johnson County Man Accused of Murder (1)

Johnson County Man Accused of Murder (1)

In a shooting that occurred on Sunday night and left one person gravely injured, Johnson County prosecutors have charged a 51-year-old man with attempted murder. The district attorney’s office announced in a news release on Wednesday that Christopher M. Barwick, of Olathe, is charged with one felony count of attempted first-degree murder.

On a $500,000 bond, Barwick was being held in the Johnson County jail as of Wednesday. In response to an allegation of a family-related armed disturbance on Sunday at around 5 o’clock, Olathe police officers were sent to the 800 block of South Windsor Road.

A 26-year-old shooting victim was found by police. He was sent to the hospital in a serious state. At the time, police reported that all parties involved in the incident were in contact with detectives. The charges against Barwick were submitted by the prosecution on Tuesday in Johnson County District Court.

Johnson County Man Accused of Murder

On Wednesday, he showed up for the first time. May 12 is the date of Barwick’s subsequent court date.

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