Star Wars Celebrates Jon Favreau With Black Series Action Figure

Ahead of the upcoming Star Wars Celebration, Hasbro has officially announced its first exclusive. Another legendary Star Wars director has been immortalized as a collectible figure for the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con in 2021. The one and only Paz Vizsla are back in action, and it’s Jon Favreau in the suit this time.

Many Star Wars fans are aware that Jon Favreau voiced the Vizsla Clan in both the animated Clone Wars series and The Mandalorian. ‘ With this fantastic Star Wars Celebration exclusive from Hasbro, the director will now be immortalized as his own creation.

The Heavy Armored Mandalorian features a Jon Favreau head sculpt and a removable helmet that may be worn by the figure’s owner. In addition to the Mando being on display on the front of a slipcover, the packaging for this figure appears to be windowless.

Black Series Action Figure
Black Series Action Figure

Probably the most intriguing aspect of this figure is how Hasbro plans to distribute it. Visitors to the Star Wars Celebration will be able to pre-order the figurine by visiting Hasbro’s stand. That means they won’t be handing out any official action figures from their stand during the event, but they will be redeemable online via pre-order.

They have claimed that there will be a limited distribution for the general public in the future, but it will be small. This is the first time a unique convention item has been offered, and a coupon for a future convention is an unusual way to commemorate your attendance. Since the dates for the Star Wars Celebration have been announced for nearly a year, you’d think Hasbro would already have action figures ready.

Any way you look at it, this is a scrumptious Star Wars convention exclusive. Attending the Celebration? Stop by Booth #2404 to pick up a one-time-use certificate to get your hands on one of these beauties. You can preorder Jon Favreau Paz Vizsla for $39.99; he’ll be out in the fall of 2019, and you can see all the new Star Wars souvenirs here.

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