What Was 16 and Pregnant Star Jordan Cashmyer Cause of Death?

Jordan Cashmyer, who was on the show 16 and Pregnant on MTV, has died. She was only 26 at the time.

Jordan died quickly on January 16, 2022. She was best known for the problems she had with her family on the show. The news was shared by her family on the Facebook page for her father.

Since her death was so sudden and sad, friends and people on social media have been asking about Jordan. People had heard that Jordan’s death was from an unknown cause, but now they know the truth. So what was Jordan Cashmyer Cause of Death? Here’s everything we know about it.

Jordan Cashmyer Cause of Death

On February 22, 2022, the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner for the Maryland Department of Health told E! News that fentanyl and cocaine were what killed Jordan.

This is in line with what the reality star’s family said when they said she was fighting drug abuse. In a message on the family’s GoFundMe page, they were honest about how hard it was for Jordan.

“Our daughter Jordan died in a terrible accident on January 15, 2022, when she was 26 years old. She left behind a sweet 6-month-old girl. Many families are affected by addiction, and so was ours,” the page says. “Jordan always had so much life and personality. She could always make people laugh and smile, and her smile was really infectious. Our family is very sad, and Jordan will always be missed.”

The page went on to say that Michael Frank Schaffer, the man who fathered Jordan, also died of drug abuse just four months before Jordan.

“Lyla lost her father to drug addiction when she was two months old, and now she has lost her mother at six months,” the post said. “Our family must now not only lay our daughter to rest but also figure out how to start over with an infant who has lost both parents in her first six months of life.”

This comes after the Maryland Chief Medical Examiner told E! News that the reason for Jordan’s death has not yet been found.

And stories that the reality star had problems with addiction and mental health before her untimely death seem to show that her family has confirmed what we already knew.

On January 16, 2022, Jordan’s father wrote about the sad news on his Facebook page.

The status post says, “Last night I got a call that no parent ever wants to get.” “Jordan, my eldest and dearest daughter, has died. She was only 26 years old. Our hearts are in a lot of pain. No parent should ever, ever have to go through the pain of losing a child.”

The post, which mentioned Jordan’s mother, Jessica, said, “Please think of and pray for my family as we deal with this terrible loss. Please understand that we need our privacy right now and give it to us. Our children, our niece Lyla, and other family members love and support us.”

“This is such a terrible day. “Jordan was a kind and sweet person,” said her old spokeswoman. “The last time we talked, she was doing well and seemed to be mentally and physically healthy. I wish people could get to know her outside of her problems. I’ve always been happy for her, and I’m glad I’ve been able to know and work with her for so long. Life hasn’t always been good to her, but now she can be happy.”

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Jordan’s Life Was Hard Before and After She Was on ’16 and Pregnant’

Jordan Cashmyer Cause of Death

If you watched 16 and Pregnant, you probably know Jordan’s story. In 2014, the star went on the show with her daughter Genevieve Shae Taylor and her then-boyfriend, Derek Taylor. Unfortunately, Jordan’s folks did not like her relationship, which caused a lot of trouble.

The reality star Jordan’s family rejected her, and 16 and Pregnant showed how hard it was for her to find a place to live and keep a job. Fans thought that Jordan could get her life back on track after the show ended, but things only got worse.

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