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George Santos Confronted by Jordan Klepper Outside the Trump Circus

Journalists, politicians, bewildered tourists, and both Trump supporters and detractors flocked to Lower Manhattan on Tuesday to see the formal arrest, charges, and arraignment of Donald Trump on 34 criminal charges.

Jordan Klepper, a journalist for The Daily Show, was in the thick of the action, and he had one goal in mind: interview George Santos about his time spent playing volleyball professionally. After a morning that Klepper described as “a shitshow—and I got a front seat to take a big ol’ sniff,” he sat down with colleague correspondent and this week’s guest host Roy Wood Jr. to discuss the events of that day.

Despite Klepper’s intentions, New York congressman George Santos soon diverted his attention away from “watching Trump’s historic arrest and the accompanying media circus” in the courthouse. In light of the fact that “if anybody can get Donald Trump off today, it’s America’s lead defense attorney, George Santos.”

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The question Klepper asked Santos seemed sensible enough: “Are you finally bringing legitimacy to this process?” Klepper was clearly keen to find out why Santos was even there. Klepper’s line of questions became more explicit when he asked Santos “Talk to us about your volleyball career.” when the congressman chose to ignore him.

Once that failed, Klepper asked, “Have you recently earned a law degree? Is that the reason you came?” But even that failed to provoke a reaction. When Klepper asked, “As the first president of the United States, do you feel that you can actually handle the jurisprudence?” he had to bring out the big weapons.

Those questions, and presumably many others, have no clear solutions at this time. Jordan Klepper, the host of The Daily Show, discusses this and more on the podcast, The Last Laugh.

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