José Canseco Net Worth: The Top Secrets Behind His Epic Fortune!

Former MLB outfielder and DH José Canseco Capas Jr. (born July 2, 1964) is a Cuban-American who went by the nicknames Parkway Jose, Mr. 40-40, and El Caonero Cubano (The Cuban Cannon).

He became known as one of baseball’s best sluggers during his stint with the Oakland Athletics. He was an All-Star six times and a Rookie of the Year winner in 1986 and Most Valuable Player in 1988. Canseco won the World Series with the Oakland Athletics in 1989 and the New York Yankees in 1996. (2000).

José Canseco Net Worth

Former baseball player José Canseco, who was born in Cuba, is now worth $800,000. Canseco had a successful career in Major League Baseball before injuries derailed him. After retiring, he became a fan favorite thanks to his reality TV notoriety, odd statements, and a tell-all book published in 2005 about his baseball career.

Jose Canseco Net Worth
Jose Canseco Net Worth

Before taxes and fees, Jose made $45 million over his career. Jose agreed to play for Oakland for the next five years and $23.5 million back in 1990. That is equivalent to almost $46 million in today’s money. The Texas Rangers and the Boston Red Sox both acquired him midway through that contract.

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In 1995, while playing for the Boston Red Sox, he earned a career-high $5.8 million. Jose, like many athletes, blew through his cash just as rapidly as he earned it. He has stated in recent years that he is no longer a millionaire.

José Canseco Barstool Fight Earnings

Jose fought in a celebrity boxing event broadcast on Pay Per View by Barstool Sports in February 2021. He supposedly made $1 million for his efforts of about 12 seconds.

José Canseco Actual Property

It came as no surprise that Jose Canseco’s well-documented financial problems would affect his real estate assets. According to tabloids, he lost his $2.5 million, 7,300 square foot property in the Encino neighborhood to foreclosure in 2008.

Jose Canseco Net Worth
Jose Canseco Net Worth

Years later, in 2015, he was believed to be residing in Las Vegas, and he was said to be opening out his home to 10 lucky admirers in a Twitter competition, though it is unknown if this prize was ever actually granted to anyone.

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