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Who is Josh Allen’s New Girlfriend After He and His Long-Time Love Brittany Williams Broke Up

Josh Allen's Girlfriend

Josh Allen's Girlfriend

Josh Allen and Brittany Williams, who had been together for a long time, have broken up.

Since they were kids, they’ve known each other. In 2017, they started dating. A year later, Allen was picked up by the Buffalo Bills, and Williams moved there with him. In 2023, they broke up in private. Since then, Williams has taken down all of her pictures with Allen from Instagram.

Who is Josh Allen’s New Girlfriend?

Josh Allen’s relationship with Hailee Steinfeld seems to be getting a lot more serious. While on vacation in Mexico, the two were seen making out a lot!!!

The quarterback for the Buffalo Bills and the actress spent the Fourth of July on a love trip south of the border, where they were very close to each other.

Josh and Hailee seemed to be all over each other in the resort pool, putting their arms around each other and kissing each other’s faces.

Below are some of the pics from their recent trip:

Hailee wore a red bikini to show off her body, and Josh wore board shorts to show off his. It’s no wonder they couldn’t keep their hands and lips to themselves.

Josh and Hailee haven’t said officially that they are dating yet, but it looks like they are. We saw them getting close at a sushi dinner in New York City in May.

Who Was Josh Allen’s Ex-Girlfriend?

She is a Pilates Instructor and Fashion Influencer

Brittany Williams and Josh Allen go to the 11th Annual NFL Honors at YouTube Theater on February 10, 2022, in Inglewood, California. Williams is a Pilates teacher and a fashion influencer.

Williams is a Pilates teacher and the owner of Pilates by Britt, an online workout site. She uses her @pilatesby.britt Instagram account to show clips of her workouts.

She is also becoming a fashion influencer, and she often posts pictures on social media of her work with companies like Revolve, Talentless, and Alo.

She was a Fresno State Cheerleader

Williams went to Fresno State University for college, where she was on the cheerleading team and in a group called Kappa Kappa Gamma. Allen got to dance with Williams again when she took him to her sorority formal in 2017.

She wrote on Instagram, “Thanks for coming to KKG formal with me.”

Williams finished college in 2018, according to an Instagram post with the caption “Go Dogs for life,” in which she stood with her graduation cap.

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Since They Were Kids, She Has Known Allen

Williams and Allen were childhood friends. During an interview on Kelly Stafford’s podcast The Morning After, the influencer talked about how she and Allen met for the first time when they were kids in Fresno, California.

Williams went to a party for Allen’s brother’s birthday, where a minor league baseball game was going on at the same time. When a player hit a ball near the party, Allen picked it up and gave it to Williams in a cute way.

“And I just remember being so embarrassed, like, ‘Oh my gosh, cooties,'” Williams said. “And that was kind of our first big memory of each other,” she said.

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