Judge Unseals Jury Documents in Whitmer Kidnapping Case

The judge released the sealed case documents regarding a potential rogue juror who raised red flags for the defense hours after a federal jury convicted two men of attempting to abduct Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

After learning that a juror had allegedly informed coworkers that they “would make sure that the defendants were found guilty” if selected to serve on the jury, the defense reportedly urged the judge to dismiss the juror during the first week of trial.

The record does not support dismissing the jury for bias, and the court is “eminently satisfied” with that, Jonker concluded.


“The interview transcript detailing the juror in question’s allegedly incriminating comments was produced in open court. The juror denied making those statements over and over “Writing by Jonker. “The juror’s comments were believed by the court because of the juror’s tone and conduct. These words square with the juror’s promises in chambers that the case would be decided solely on the basis of the evidence and the law, which the juror had also given at voir dire.”

However, the defense attorneys for Adam Fox and Barry Croft Jr. were not pleased with the outcome. As revealed by the judge’s unsealed order, the following transpired on the second day of the trial, after the jury had been selected and seated:

When both sides had finished their closing statements a day after jury selection, defendant Croft’s attorney “had notified the court staff that one of the jurors in this case may have engaged in misconduct. At that time, no further details were provided “legal documents state.

However, after examining the juror, U.S. District Judge Robert Jonker ruled against the defense’s motion to dismiss the juror, determining that the individual was neither biased nor dishonest.

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