Julie And The Phantoms Season 2 : Available On Netflix?

Based on the Brazilian show “Julie and the Phantoms,” Season 1 of “Julie and the Phantoms” on Netflix was a huge hit when it came out in September 2020. In the show, Madison Reyes plays Julie Molina, a high school student who loves to sing and make music. When her mother dies, however, Julie runs into a problem. Julie accidentally calls up the ghosts of a band from 1995 as she tries to get past whatever is holding her back.

If you’ve seen “Julie and the Phantoms,” it shouldn’t be a surprise that the show’s executive producer is Kenny Ortega, who also created “High School Musical” and “Descendants” for the Disney Channel. After signing a deal with Netflix for several years, this is his first project (via Deadline).

“Julie and the Phantoms” is a musical comedy that everyone can enjoy. The series got a 93 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a 98 percent rating from the audience. Even though it’s clear that the show is popular, fans are still waiting for news about a second season.

Here’s what we know so far about Season 2 of “Julie and the Phantoms.”

Julie and The Phantoms Season 2 Plot

During Season 1 of “Julie and the Phantoms,” Luke, Alex, and Reggie learn, with Julie’s help, that music can make them seem more real so that other people can see and hear them. During the season, Caleb causes the Phantoms some supernatural trouble by giving them a countdown to when they are supposed to disappear.

In the end, the boys seem to have gotten past this bad prediction, and they can finally touch each other and interact with the real world. But it looks like the bad guy Caleb isn’t done with the Phantoms yet. He uses Julie’s old crush, Nick, to get close to her.

During all of this, “Julie and the Phantoms” focuses a lot on how Julie uses music to deal with her grief over the death of her mother. The show also gives the impression that Julie’s mother might have something to do with the fact that she can see the Phantoms and other people can’t. In another sad storyline, an old bandmate of the Phantoms who is still alive recognizes them in a video of them performing, but he has never met them in person.

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If fans are lucky and “Julie and the Phantoms” gets a second season, it will probably go deeper into these stories. We hope to learn more about Caleb’s evil plans, whether or not the Phantoms can be saved, and Julie’s mother’s story. In an interview with Digital Spy, Ortega also said that they want to do live performances of the show. He said, “We hope the whole world will join us.”

Julie and The Phantoms Season 2 Cast

Julie and The Phantoms Season 2 Cast

If the show had come back, Madison Reyes would have been back as Julie, since she is the name of the show.

The ghostly band is made up of Luke (Charlie Gillespie), who plays guitar, Reggie (Jeremy Shada), who plays bass, and Alex (Owen Patrick Joyner), who plays drums. They are working with the human Julie to become famous.

Booboo Stewart, who played Willie, Jadah Marie, who played Flynn, Savannah May, who played Carrie, and Cheyenne Jackson, who played Caleb in a scary way, would have probably come back as well.

Julie and The Phantoms Season 2 Release Date

Netflix has decided not to make a second season, so it doesn’t look like there will be a second season of Julie and the Phantoms.

Netflix has helped save shows over the years, but other networks or streaming services haven’t been as quick to save Netflix Originals.

There is a chance that a competitor could step in and save the show, but there don’t seem to be any reports that the series will be shopped around. Kenny Ortega has said that the show is over and fans should “follow us as we move forward with our work and careers” instead of rallying them to fight for a second season somewhere else.

So, it doesn’t look like there will be a second season of Julie and the Phantoms on Netflix or anywhere else.

Julie and The Phantoms Season 2 Trailer

Because of the decision not to renew the contract, our phantom rock band will never have another opportunity to perform on screen again.

The two of us plan to listen to “Unsaid Emily” over and over again as a way to cope with the loss. You’re welcome to join us, or you may catch up on what you’ve missed by watching the season one trailer above.

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