Kate Spade Death: What She Wrote To Her Daughter In A Suicide Note?

Childhood and YouthKate Spade was born Katherine Noel Brosnahan on December 24, 1962, in Kansas City, Missouri. Her mother, June, stayed home while her father, Frank, ran a business building roads. Kate went to the all-female Catholic secondary school St. Teresa’s Academy and then to the University of Kansas before transferring to Arizona State University, where she joined the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. Here we will discuss the truth behind Kate Spade Death.

Do You Who Kate Spade Is?

Do You Who Kate Spade Is? 

In 1985, she graduated from journalism school after having worked as a sales associate at the Phoenix, Arizona, Carter’s Men Shop during her time there. Kate Spade was the aunt of Rachel Brosnahan, star of “The Marvelous Mrs Maisel,” who has described her as “exceedingly kind, stunningly sensitive, unbelievably talented, funny as hell, and one of the kindest people I have ever known.”

With a focus on fashion, Spade relocated to New York City and spent five years at “Mademoiselle” magazine, rising through the ranks to senior fashion editor and head of accessories. She left in 1991 and, with her future husband Andy Spade, established Kate Spade New York the following year.

At first, Kate was unsure what to call her business, but Andy recommended “Kate Spade” because she was planning to marry him and take his last name. To build her initial line of handbags, Spade utilised paper and Scotch Tape to make six prototypes and produced them with the help of an East New York manufacturer open to working with a startup.

Andy, who had been working as a copywriter, withdrew the money in his 401(k) to finance the company. Kate altered the design of her purses, moving the labels to the exterior after the Barneys department store company purchased many of her creations at a Javits Center fashion show. Her $150-$450 purses quickly became best-sellers, and in 1996 she opened her first store in New York’s SoHo district.

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Kate Spade Death: Why Did She Kill Herself?

Kate Spade Death: Why Did She Kill Herself?

Kate Spade‘s sister believes her suicide may have been the result of her ongoing battle with mental illness. Spade’s body was discovered on Tuesday at her New York City home. Reta Saffo, Spade’s older sister, wrote in an email, “It finally took its toll on her,” suggesting that Spade suffered from bipolar disorder. A horrible and sad ending for a vibrant and charming person. She also claimed to have “tried multiple times to get her help.”

The housekeeper allegedly discovered Spade hanging from a red scarf from her bedroom’s doorknob and called the police. Andy, her husband, was at home when everything happened. According to CBS News, Jericka Duncan, the designer, left a suicide letter for her 13-year-old daughter in which she assured her that it was not the girl’s responsibility.

“We are all devastated…we loved Kate passionately and will miss her dreadfully,” they said. The flat was found in a state consistent with a suicide, and the witness’s statements corroborated the note’s contents, according to Dermot Shea, the NYPD chief of detectives.

The 55-year-understated old’s whimsical sense of style made her a hit in the fashion world in the ’90s. With her husband Andy, she created a fashion empire based on her line of luxury handbags, which celebrities like Ellie Kemper use. She makes an ambitious statement, and I think, “Oh, I want to be like that!” I aspire to the style of a New York woman, to be put together and elegant. Then I will be able to!” Back in February of 2016, Kemper made the following remark about Spade.

After selling her company in 2007, Kate Spade took a hiatus from public view. However, she has recently staged a comeback. In April last year, Spade remarked, “I don’t know about Andy – took off a good nine years raising my daughter and cherished every moment of it.” According to the police, she may have committed herself due to financial and marital issues. Spade’s death shocked many, including Fern Mallis, founder of New York Fashion Week, who had known Spade for nearly three decades.

Together, she and Andy made a formidable force. Mallis remarked, “I mean, they were lovely together.” And I was like, ‘What? ‘… The last person you’d ever expect to see commit suicide. Spade had a lot of prominent friends and customers who were paying respect to him online. David Spade, her brother-in-law, posted a photo of her at a book signing he was doing on Twitter with the caption, “I adore this photograph of her. Such lovely… People, this is a harsh world. Just keep holding on, okay?

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