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Kathleen Lights Divorce: Why There Are Rumors Of Her Split With Daniel Fuentes?

Kathleen Lights Divorce

Kathleen Lights Divorce

Kathleen Lights has gained a sizable following of devoted fans when she first entered the world of YouTube in 2012. when then, she has been sharing her happy experiences and expertise in the art of cosmetic application with the world. As a wife and mother to her children, fandom is a significant part of her life.

Being frequently in the spotlight leads to a lot of rumors, one of which went as follows:

Are the Rumors About Kathleen Lights Divorce True?

Rumors of divorce about the marriages of prominent people are routinely propagated as a natural byproduct of their notoriety.

As a result, it was impossible to resist mentioning the beauty expert’s name in such chats. Thankfully for her, though, she is now blissfully married to her husband of many years, Daniel Fuentes, who was once only her lover.

Daniel Fuentes, her current partner, was formerly a soldier who served a tour of service in Afghanistan. Kathleen Lights had a decent working knowledge of the man who would later become her husband because she had been acquainted with Daniel’s sister when she was a young girl.

They started dating when Daniel was released from the service. It’s noteworthy to note that their first date took place on Hard Rock, not far from a location called Tattoo.

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Daniel Fuentes Age Controversy

The influential person was married on January 22, 2010, which was a day. Her joyous day, however, was marred by issues because there was a lot of animosity among her fan base; all of the turmoil began as a result of the age difference in their marriage.

Many people told her that she should have looked for someone who was closer to her age because her hubby is seven years older than her. She did, however, admit on Twitter in 2016 that she didn’t give a damn about any of the criticisms directed at her. Kathleen is a happily married woman who frequently includes her husband in her films.

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