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Kayaker Discovers Body of M!ssing Missouri Er Doctor in Arkansas

Kayaker Discovers Body of M!ssing Missouri Er Doctor in Arkansas

Kayaker Discovers Body of M!ssing Missouri Er Doctor in Arkansas

Authorities in northwest Arkansas say they have discovered the body of a m!ssing doctor from Missouri, more than a week after he was reported m!ssing. The Benton County (Arkansas) Sheriff’s Office announced in a statement that Dr. John Forsyth, 49, was discovered dead on Tuesday from what looked to be a gunshot wound.

According to the statement, a kayaker discovered his body in the river near Lost Bridge South Park. The park is just 26 miles from his former workplace, the emergency room of Mercy Hospital in Cassville, Missouri.

According to The Daily Beast, his brother, Richard Forsyth, he was reported m!ssing on May 21 after he had been spotted at the hospital in the morning but had failed to report for his afternoon shift. An estimated 3,100 people call Cassville, Missouri home.

Richard Forsyth told The Associated Press that his family was informed Tuesday night that their brother’s body had been located. According to The Daily Beast’s source, the last time his brother spoke to his fiancee was as he was leaving the hospital that morning.

The next tweet affirmed the information:

The source claims that worries rose when he didn’t show up for his latter shift. “He wouldn’t miss a shift even if his eyeballs were hanging out of their sockets,” Richard Forsyth told The Daily Beast last week. “It was an immediate red flag.”

John Forsyth’s black Infiniti was discovered at a Cassville water park. His wallet, two phones, and a laptop computer were all inside, and the door was left unlocked. Surveillance footage from the water park reportedly shows the black Infiniti pulling into the parking area, his brother told the Associated Press on Wednesday.

A white SUV pulls up next to him and parks a few minutes later. “It doesn’t seem like a person who left with a plan,” Richard Forsyth told The Associated Press earlier on Tuesday. Dogs and drones were utilized to search a roughly 9-mile radius around the park, and the Missouri State Highway Patrol was among the law enforcement organizations involved.

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Meanwhile, Forsyth’s loved ones used social media to spread the word and look for leads on his absence. Forsyth’s de@th is being investigated by the Benton County Sheriff’s Office, the Barry County Sheriff’s Office, the Cassville Police Department, and the Missouri State Police.

Richard Forsyth told the AP that his family has yet to get any additional information from police. Police in Cassville were told to contact the Missouri State Highway Patrol with any inquiries.

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