‘Unsolved Mysteries’ Star Kayla Unbehaun Was Discovered in North Carolina Six Years After Being Kidn@pped

Six years after her non-custodial mother took her from Illinois, the youngster was located safe and sound in North Carolina. Kayla Unbehaun was seen in Asheville on Saturday. A store employee knew Kayla from an episode of “Unsolved Mysteries” on Netflix, according to the police.

When Unbehaun was taken from her home, she was nine years old. An extraordinary series of events led to her safe return. South Elgin, Illinois police said that Unbehaun was last seen on July 4th, 2017. Ryan Iserka, her biological father, was awarded sole custody, but he was unable to retrieve his daughter from her mother.

Unbehaun and her mother were reported m!ssing for a total of six years. “What’s most unusual is the ability to stay off the grid, if you will, for that period of time,” Asheville Police Lieutenant Jonathan Brown said. “Typically, we leave a technological bread crumb and those are usually very easy and quick to be tracked.”

Kayla Unbehaun found in North Carolina
Kayla Unbehaun found in North Carolina

A new season of “Unsolved Mysteries” premiered on Netflix last year, and one episode of the show focused on the kidn@ppings of children from their parents. Surprisingly, Unbehaun’s tale wasn’t the episode’s focal point. At the show’s conclusion, her image was included in a quick roll call of missing persons; as the episode went, the photographs became increasingly digitized.

Nonetheless, a young worker at an Asheville mall knew Unbehaun from the Netflix show. “The media is so important when it comes to the recovery of missing children,” Callahan Walsh of the National Center For Missing and Exploited Children said.

“Even in these long term cases, the more we tell the story of these missing children and put their images out to the public, the more likely that they’re going to be recovered.” Unbehaun’s father said, “I’m overjoyed that Kayla is home safe… We ask for privacy as we get to know each other again and navigate this new beginning.”

Heather Unbehaun, her mother, has been arrested on charges of kidn@pping. She posted a $250,000 bond and was placed into the Buncombe County Detention Center.

WLOS, an ABC affiliate in North Carolina, said that after receiving Kayla, North Carolina social services notified Illinois law enforcement. Her dad came and got her the day she was found. She moved back to Illinois after a while.

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