Kaylee Jones Recovered After 5 Months Missing

On Monday, the sheriff’s office in Carroll County announced that a teenager who had been missing for over five months had been found and returned home.

Kaylee Jones, whose birth name was Jillian Paige Temple, was reported missing on June 14 when she allegedly escaped through a second-story window in her New Carrollton, Maryland, home without taking her electronics with her. After discovering that she had been talking to strangers online, her parents took the gadgets away.

Kaylee Jones Recovered After 5 Months Missing
Kaylee Jones Recovered After 5 Months Missing

The hunt for the missing teen, who has special needs and has apparently gone without her medicine for months, included the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, the FBI, the Secret Service, the U.S. Marshals Service, and local law enforcement.

The sheriff’s office said on Facebook that, “because to the delicate nature of the case,” they would not be releasing any additional information. “But let us concentrate on that, and be glad and appreciative that this young woman is SAFE!”

The story has gained national attention, and at one time, online sleuths were harassing her adoptive parents.

Authorities have not specified whether or not they expect anybody to collect the prize for her safe return.


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