Keith Farmer Was A Gentle, Smiling, ‘First-class’ Boy, Recalls Biker Legend

It has now come to light that this is the third young male fatality in the extended family.

On Thursday, the word broke that Keith had passed away.

Earlier that day, his brother David said that the four-time champion from Clogher, Tyrone had passed away with family members by his side.

Keith Farmer Was A Gentle, Smiling, 'First-class' Boy, Recalls Biker Legend
Keith Farmer Was A Gentle, Smiling, ‘First-class’ Boy, Recalls Biker Legend

The family requests no flowers but instead proposes memorial contributions to the Samaritans in their death notice.

The funeral home, Holmes of Dungannon, is handling the arrangements, although the time and place have not been disclosed.

Since the news broke, many prominent figures in the motorcycle industry have spoken highly of the father of three, and now veteran rider Sam McMinn has added his own voice to the chorus of condolences.

Mr. McMinn, a 77-year-old who has spent the better part of the previous 60 years in the motorcycle racing industry, claimed that he had known Keith since the middle of the 2000s and that racing was “in the blood” of the whole Farmer family.


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He also said that Keith’s relatives Stephen Farmer and Mark Farmer, both avid bikers, had passed away in the past.

A website named Motorsport Memorial states that Mark was 30 years old when he died in a collision at the 1994 Isle of Man TT.

According to the Irish Times, Stephen was just 24 when he perished in an accident beneath the cab of a vehicle he was working on.

When asked about any pre-race “rituals” he may have, Keith told ThePitCrewOnline in 2016 that he didn’t.

Among his responses was, “ask my mother and cousins (Stephen and Mark Farmer) who died away to care after me.”

Though he was “a very gentle boy, and he was always prepared to assist people,” Mr. McMinn said Keith was a competitive competitor.

Mr. McMinn said, “He was first-class.”

His legacy will be one of “a sweet, quiet guy,” with a smile “usually every time you saw him,” as one person put it.

“He was never one to use profanity, as many of his fellow motorcycle racers were,” I recall thinking.

Adding that he was in “disbelief” at the news of his death, he sent his condolences to the Farmer family.

He also said that tomorrow’s (Saturday) annual meeting of the Motorcycle Racing Association of Ireland, which will be place at Dundrod, would most likely have a moment of quiet.

On the other hand, Tom Elliott, UUP MLA for Fermanagh and South Tyrone, said: “Keith was a fantastic racer who belonged in the pantheon of motorcycle racing’s greatest legends.

“Everyone who knew and loved him will miss him dearly. My deepest condolences to his loved ones who have lost a loved one.”


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