Kennywood Park Shooting Victim Describes Wild Night

Brandon Ward gave an exclusive interview to Channel 11 about the events leading up to and following his shooting on Saturday night at Kennywood.

Ward said he sensed something wasn’t right as park staff prepared to leave for the day.


Kennywood Park Shooting Victim Describes Wild Night
Kennywood Park Shooting Victim Describes Wild Night

According to Ward, “the entire park was nothing except youngsters running wild.” Groups of them were dashing around everywhere, yelling. There were possibly three groups of ten children, totaling thirty. The one behind us caught my eye unexpectedly. Something wasn’t right about how calm he appeared to be. Obviously, you were already aware of that.

When the park closed, Brandon and his fiancee watched as their kid took her final ride on the Musik Express. To rest, they leaned against the fence.

Ward explained what happened: “We got pushed into and bang, it all happened so quickly.” After hearing the gunshot, I felt a jolt of adrenaline run through my veins. As soon as I felt the blow, I cried, “I’m hit!”

Ward said he attempted to flee, but was wounded in the leg and bleeding heavily. Taking one step at a time becomes increasingly challenging.

My wife was freaking out and I didn’t know where to go or how long they were going to keep shooting.

When officers saw Ward, they sprung into action and quickly administered tourniquets. The 15-year-old who had been shoved into him was laying on the ground, motionless after being shot, but Ward had a clear recollection of someone from before the commotion broke out.

I pointed out that there was something behind me. ‘Why do these people have these masks on like this?’ I said. The one stood out to me since he was wearing a hoodie. All you saw were children; no grownups were present. The young man who was shot next to me was alone. This 15-year-old kid was all on his own.
On Monday, we inquired if Kennywood had security cameras, if there were alternative exits in case of an emergency, or if they planned to alter their policies in light of this incident; however, they declined to comment.

The hospital discharged Ward with a walker and crutches. In spite of the fact that the bullet missed his main artery by millimeters, he still can’t move his leg and claims he’s not ready to see where it went.

It entered below my thigh and came out in front, exactly above my knee,” Ward recalled. It was quite close to hitting my artery or femur. Luck was on my side, I suppose. They said that I wouldn’t have survived if it had struck my artery.

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