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Suspect in Deadly Shooting of Kent Man Whose Girlfriend Was Reported Missing!

Kent Man Who Reported Girlfriend Missing

King County prosecutors say that a 32-year-old Kent man crept into the rear of his girlfriend’s SUV, shot her through the driver’s seat, then shot her twice before abandoning her body in the bushes that bordered an Auburn parking lot.

Calvin Jackson Jr. was accused of killing Anicia Howard, 34, early on February 14 as she was getting ready to drive to the Auburn day care center where she worked. The charges against Jackson were filed on Wednesday.

According to the accusations, Jackson was taken into custody the following day after police discovered Howard’s Volkswagen Tiguan a few miles from the apartment they lived with their two sons and Howard’s mother. In lieu of $5,000 million in bond, he is still detained.

According to the allegations, Jackson had established a new relationship four days before Howard killed her, despite the fact that Howard had been pleading with her for months. Howard’s mother and Jackson reported their daughter missing to Kent police after they discovered Howard hadn’t arrived at work that morning.

Senior Deputy Prosecutor Aubony Burns noted in the charging documents, “The defendant brazenly lied to police, telling them he was concerned because she was missing, knowing full well where she was and how she got there.” He persisted with this trick even after they discovered her and into the following day. The victim didn’t start telling police what he had done until his car was found. 

According to the allegations, on February 14, in the afternoon, someone contacted 911 to report that a woman was lying still on the ground outside the Poverty Bay Coffee Roasters facility, which is located in the 3700 block of West Valley Highway. In addition to evidence that she had been dragged from the parking lot into the bushes, police discovered blood and a 9 mm shell casing 20 feet from her body.

According to the allegations, Auburn police detectives recognized the lady as Howard and discovered that Jackson and her mother had reported her missing six hours prior. Shortly before 5:30 a.m., a black SUV was seen pulling into the parking lot from nearby business security footage.

According to the allegations, the video showed the driver removing Howard from the passenger seat and recording the sound of one gunshot while she lay in the parking lot. The driver then drove off, dragging her body into the bushes.

According to the allegations, an autopsy revealed that Howard died from multiple gunshot wounds, with her back and back of her head suffering the greatest injuries.

According to criminal documents, Jackson gave his permission for an interview and for detectives to inspect his smartphone the day after Howard’s death was discovered. The allegations state that when they discovered the Lyft app open, the history of a canceled ride from the previous morning directed officers to Howard’s black Tiguan, which was parked at the southernmost point of Lake Fenwick Park.

According to the allegations, the app indicated that shortly after, a second transport request was made from a nearby apartment building to the family’s residence. According to the allegations, the detectives who discovered the Tiguan were able to observe via the windows that the driver’s seat had numerous bullet holes in it.

Jackson was read his Miranda rights by the investigators interviewing him once they learned more about the Tiguan. According to the allegations, he then made a complete confession, acknowledging that he had hidden in the back seat while he waited for Howard, who had taken the driver’s seat and discreetly put her pocketbook in the rear.

According to the allegations, police say Jackson admitted to detectives that he shot Howard through the seat, drove her to the Auburn parking lot, then shot her once again after removing her legally obtained firearm from her purse.

The accusations also state that he talked about leaving the Tiguan with the pistol inside. There is no mention of a firearm being recovered, despite the charging documents stating that officers discovered a magazine in the car that contained missing rounds. Jackson will be charged on March 6 at the Kent Maleng Regional Justice Center.

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