Kentucky Woman Receives 18-Month Federal Prison Sentence for Defrauding Elderly Residents

A Kentucky woman, Donna Sue Glass, has been handed an 18-month federal prison sentence after admitting to two counts of wire fraud. The case revolves around Glass, 53, who operated the Glass Family Care Home in Greenup County, providing care for elderly residents.

The recent sentencing comes after Glass misappropriated funds from the estates of three individuals under her care, diverting the money for personal expenses such as pet care, tanning sessions, and other personal purchases.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, Glass was ordered to pay restitution totaling $87,700 to the estates of the three victims. She was entrusted with the bank accounts of two residents and had access to a third individual’s account. However, she exploited this responsibility and diverted the funds meant for the victims, including pensions and Social Security benefits, for her personal indulgences.

While her attorney, Michael J. Curtis, commended Glass for her caregiving efforts, Assistant U.S. Attorney Kathryn Dieruf characterized Glass as taking advantage of vulnerable individuals who were dependent on her support due to their physical or mental conditions. The prosecutor pointed out that Glass’s spending habits demonstrated a motivation driven by greed rather than genuine care.

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Court documents reveal that Glass also violated regulations by overcrowding her care facility and placing two residents in a confined room without a private bathroom, contrary to state laws. The fraud scheme went beyond misappropriation, as Glass manipulated rent payments and generated debts to herself, using her guardianship authority over the victims.

Aside from financing her personal vacation and beauty pageant expenses for her daughter, Glass’s unauthorized expenditures included veterinary care, a tanning salon membership, a limousine service, and even purchases from Victoria’s Secret.

In response to her actions, the Glass Family Care Home has since ceased operations. The sentencing, conducted by U.S. District Judge David L. Bunning, serves as a reminder of the responsibility caregivers hold in safeguarding the vulnerable individuals they serve.

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