Kevin Kiley, Asm., presents legislation to remove California’s Sanctuary State statute.

A Rocklin assemblyman is hopeful that the horrific killing in Sacramento of three girls and a chaperone would catalyze repealing California’s Sanctuary State statute.

The law was enacted in 2017 and, in general, restricted local law enforcement’s power to notify federal authorities of the release of illegal immigrants from jail.

“It was a bill written expressly to assist immigrants, not to assist all undocumented immigrants, but to provide a unique protection for those in the country illegally and have committed crimes while here,” state Assemblyman Kevin Kiley explained (R).

On Monday, Kiley proposed a new measure that, if enacted, would overturn the Sanctuary State statute.

He stated that the tragic shooting at The Church in Sacramento exemplified the law’s consequences. David Mora, 39, shot and killed his three kids and their chaperone inside a church before turning the pistol on himself.

Kiley stated that the tragedy might have been prevented if not for the Sanctuary State law.

“Mora entered the nation illegally. Not only that, but he had been arrested the previous week. He’d been detained for assaulting a police officer. ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) requested his release due to his criminal past and status as an illegal alien in the nation.

However, the sheriff’s office was forced to respond, ‘Sorry, we cannot provide you with that information according to the Sanctuary State statute, “As Kiley stated.

He is not alone in thinking this. Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones also blamed the incident on March 5 on Facebook, citing US immigration policy and California’s sanctuary state legislation.

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“Because the jail is banned from receiving the detainer or interacting with ICE under California’s Sanctuary State legislation, he walked out of jail a free man,” Jones wrote March 5. “Five days later, I am free to murder four individuals.”

On March 5, ABC10 met with Grisel Ruiz of the Immigrant Legal Resource Center, who characterized that viewpoint as scapegoating. She stated that Mora’s immigrant status had no influence on the crime and that the key concerns appeared to be gun control and domestic violence.

However, Kiley maintains that the facts are obvious and that he hopes the tragedy will catalyze change, uniting Democrats and Republicans on the subject.

“Here, you have a very obvious example of how this extreme, stupid law may have contributed to and been ultimately responsible for a horrific tragedy in our town,” Kiley said.

AB 1708, his measure, was introduced Monday. He indicates that it will be referred to a committee, presumably public safety or judiciary, for consideration before being heard.

“I would hope that success looks like passing this law, repealing the sanctuary state, and reestablishing a commitment to border security,” Kiley added.

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