Key Features to Know About React

Every developer has heard about React at least once in their life. But few people know what it is. Simply put, React is an open-source JavaScript library that makes it easy to develop user interfaces in browsers.

Each person has their own goal of learning React. Someone wants to expand their knowledge, someone wants to start working with other technologies or devote themselves to programming. There may be many options. It is a very good platform as it is used in many projects and offers us many benefits.

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React is used in a lot of projects and there are a lot of products with it on the market. The platform will open doors for you to create user interfaces. You will also learn concepts that are used by other libraries or frameworks of this style, such as AngularJS or VueJS.

What is React and why should you learn it?

React has grown a lot since its most stable version came out. After that, many projects started using it. There are a lot of people who confuse React with a framework, but no. React is not a framework, React is a rendering library and this gives us a lot of benefits, like allowing us to use Redux, use Flux and not have it so dependent that it can be easily adapted to different environments over time.

React Benefits

The first big advantage we should mention is that React is open source, which makes it easy for other programmers to make changes besides the original creators.

Speed ​​is another big advantage of React as it is ideal for performance, for those applications with heavy data load and huge tables.

It also has an isomorphic action which gives it better performance than e.g. Angular or Polymer.

React maintains its own virtual DOM rather than relying solely on the browser’s DOM. This allows the library to determine which parts of the DOM have changed by comparing the content of the new version with the version stored in the model’s virtual model and using the result to determine how to efficiently update the browser model’s model.

It works through Reusable Components, so you only have to do something once and you can reuse them. Another advantage is that there is a large community and so many ready-made components.

Finally, React is made in such a way that we can use it with the new Javascript standards, being able to take advantage of the potential of new features offered by ES6, ES7, ES8, and new standards that will come in the future.

Why is learning React a very good option?

People who come from the IT world and have more or less worked with other frameworks will find it easy. But if you’re a beginner or someone who wants to relearn and learn something new, or maybe you’re from the backend and want to get into the front end and learn something to be a full stack, should you put in the effort to learn React?

To get started: The main thing is to know HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, have Google Chrome installed, and know some basic programming concepts.

To go further: check out the new features of the Javascript standards, learn how to use a package manager like npm or yarn, learn how to use a packer like webpack and no doubt learn a thing or two about Redux, the perfect plugin for React.

Therefore, using React for your development is an ideal option. You get a lot of features and benefits that will allow you to create a cool final product.

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