Kidnapped 18-year-old Escapes From Home After Being Shackled to Bed and Raped for Weeks: Police

Authorities in Texas say a married couple kidnapped an 18-year-old lady, held her captive for weeks while raping her in their house while she was shackled to a bed. Local news station Fox 29 stated that Jose Reyes, 31, and Jaqueline Macias, 29, were arrested after the alleged victim escaped through a window and went door to door in Houston on Sunday night to notify neighbors.

Harris County Constable Mark Herman said the frightened woman informed police that she and the male suspect met approximately a month ago at an undisclosed place and that the man persuaded her to see him at his house. “The whole script flipped almost immediately, and she was immediately held captive, tied up, and held in a room for approximately 30 days,” Herman told a press conference.

“At some point after they basically started holding her against her will, they began s*xually assaulting her and other things. Just a very, very evil thing.” The adolescent escaped through a window after realizing Reyes and Macias had left the house on Sunday night, police said.

The report that an abducted 18-year-old girl managed to get home after being chained to her bed and s*xually assaulted for weeks was confirmed by the following tweet:

The freed victim immediately started knocking on doors and pleading for assistance. “She was in disarray, confused, as anyone would be, and wanted help,” Herman said. According to Herman, responding officers saw signs on her wrists and legs that suggested she had been tied up.

The adolescent was treated at a local hospital. No one knew right away how she was doing. Herman said the suspects were arrested after they returned to their house after allegedly abducting her. Authorities have already filed kidnapping charges against both Reyes and Macias, but they say more charges are possible as the investigation continues.

The investigation is continuing as authorities try to learn more about the girl’s suspected abusers and her possible connection to them. Bond for Macias was set at $50,000 and for Reyes at $100,000 at their court appearances on Monday.

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