Kidnapping Offender Sentenced To 45 Years In Prison After Grindr Scam

Federal authorities believe that the assault that put a guy from Louisiana in a coma for three days in the year 2020 was part of a larger plot by Chance Seneca, 21, to kidnap and murder gay individuals. The attack occurred in Louisiana. They claimed that Jeffrey Dahmer served as an inspiration for him.

A man from Louisiana was sentenced to 45 years in federal prison on Wednesday for kidnapping and attempting to kill a man he found on the network in 2020. According to the Justice Department, the man used the dating app Grindr to lure gay men in a scheme to kidnap and kill them. The man was sentenced for kidnapping and trying to kill the man.

The perpetrator of the attack, 21-year-old Chance Seneca, told the authorities that he considered the social media platform for L.G.B.T.Q. people to be a “hunting ground” and that he had used it to lure another man, Holden White, to his father’s isolated home in Lafayette, Louisiana, on June 20, 2020. Holden White was the victim of the attack. According to the records filed in the case, the two males also interacted with one another using the messaging software Snapchat.

According to the documents that were submitted to the United States District Court for the Western District of Louisiana, they had been in contact with one another for several weeks before Mr. Seneca, who was then 19 years old, picked up Mr. White, who was then 18 years old, in his car and drove him back to the house, where he propositioned him and convinced him to put on handcuffs.

According to the court documents, once Mr. Seneca arrived at the residence, he attacked Mr. White by stabbing, bludgeoning, and suffocating him before slitting his wrists. The assault put Mr. White into a coma that lasted for many days and left him with damage that will last a lifetime.

According to the prosecution, Mr. Seneca used a belt to strangle Mr. White until he was unconscious before pulling him into a bathtub, where he hit Mr. White in the head with a hammer, and stabbed him in the neck with an ice pick, to make sure that he was dead.

After Mr. Seneca was satisfied that Mr. White was dead, he threw him in the water and left him to drown. According to the court documents, Mr. Seneca later told the authorities that he had slit Mr. White’s wrists in an attempt to cut off his hands, which he intended to preserve, but that he had panicked when he saw bone. He added that he had intended to keep Mr. White’s hands.

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