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Kiely Rodni Search: Suv Found Near Where Kiely Rodni Was Last Seen

Suv Found Near Where Kiely Rodni Was Last Seen

Suv Found Near Where Kiely Rodni Was Last Seen

On Sunday evening, authorities in California recovered a white SUV from a reservoir where they believed a private dive team had discovered the body of missing 16-year-old Kiely Rodni.

The remains of the Rodni have not been confirmed to have been located by authorities. On Monday, officials will hold a press conference to provide an update on the search.

The location of the find was somewhat close to the campground where Rodni was last seen around two weeks prior. Rodni’s car was recovered from Prosser Creek Reservoir, although it’s not certain if he owned it.

A renowned YouTube channel that helps with missing person’s cases called Adventures with Purpose said they found her car upside down in 14 feet of water with her still inside.
The Placer County Sheriff’s Office has dispatched a dive team to the lake to verify the reports, according to a spokesperson.

During the early hours of August 6th, Rodni disappeared from a gathering at a campground near Truckee, California.

Authorities spent weeks combing the forest surrounding Prosser Family Campground, also known as “The Campground” by locals, in Tahoe National Forest, where Rodni was last seen at 12:30 a.m. on August 6 at a gathering with an estimated 300 guests.

Beginning on August 11th, officials began collecting evidence from the camping area and placing it in sealed bags.

A large number of people were there at the camping site party Rodni attended the weekend of August 6 before she disappeared, and drugs and drinks were also present.

She may have been kidnapped, thus the police are considering the case as such. Upon learning of her abduction, Placer County officials triggered the CodeRed Alert System, which notifies the county’s population of roughly 100,000.

Also missing from the campground on the morning of August 6 was Rodni’s silver Honda CRV, which she drove to the party.

According to the police, she was last in contact with her loved ones at approximately 12:33 a.m. on August 6.


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