Kill-suicide Suspect In 2 Young Researchers’ Deaths

A subsequent investigation determined that Moore was the main suspect in the murders of Behrensen, of Argentina, and Guzmán Palma, of Chile.

Police used phone and computer data, surveillance videos, ballistic testing and DNA evidence to determine Moore was behind the slaughter, according to the prosecutor’s office.

Kill-suicide Suspect In 2 Young Researchers' Deaths
Kill-suicide Suspect In 2 Young Researchers’ Deaths

Early in the investigation, detectives had filed a search warrant to gain access to an Amazon Alexa device inside the researchers’ apartment. They hoped the device’s cloud storage may have recorded what happened on the day of their murders.

Behrensen and Guzmán Palma were part of the 2020 predoctoral class at the Stowers Institute for Medical Research.

In a statement to The Post Thursday morning, the Stowers Institute thanked the Kansas City Police Department and the Jackson County prosecutor’s office for their dedication.

“The Stowers Institute and the Graduate School at the Stowers Institute are grieving the loss of two brilliant, promising scientists,” the statement read. “The individual who committed this crime has no tie to the Institute or the Graduate School.”

“We are saddened to learn that this same individual is involved in an additional case out of Clay County. We thank the authorities who investigated this incident as well. Our deepest sympathies go out to those who knew the victim.”


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