Kim Jong Il Death: How And Who Killed Him & Is Name Revealed Behind His Death?

Kim Jong Il Death: Everyone on the planet was astounded when they heard the news of Kim Jong Il Death. There are still a lot of mysteries and conspiracies surrounding the Kim Jong Il Death of one of the most well-known and well-loved personalities in the history of the globe, whose pursuit by paparazzi ultimately resulted in his death.

Kim Jong Il Death: How Did He Die?

Kim Jong Il Death: How Did He Die?

North Korean state media reported that ruler Kim Jong-il had passed away at 8:30 a.m. on Saturday, December 17. (6:30 Friday evening Washington time).

North Korean authorities were given time to figure out what to do after hearing the news of his death on Korean radio at noon on the following Monday (which was 10 pm Sunday night in Washington).

North Korean media reported that Kim Jong Il died of “mental and physical overwork” while on a rail tour of military and civilian installations, something he had done for years despite his poor health following a stroke in 2008.

The final week of his life was a very busy one for him. On the 10th of December, he conducted an “on-the-spot inspection” of facilities in South Hamgyong Province. On the 13th of December found him at the Pyongyang Capital Guard Unit.

He was likely inspired by the enormous fashion mart he saw in China on his May 2011 visit, as he was pictured on an escalator at the freshly finished Kwangbok Region Grand Mart on December 15.

Kim also made one more trip, in his final days, to the Hana Music Information Center, the place where DVDs are manufactured in North Korea.

These trips were a part of his attempt to boost the North Korean economy before next year when celebrations commemorating the centennial of the birth of North Korea’s founder, Kim Il-sung—Kim Jong-grandfather—are il’s planned.

Obviously, Kim Jong-personal il’s support has done little to stimulate the North Korean economy, and the majority of North Koreans have stopped paying attention to his direction and exhortations.

Kim Jong-il continued his father’s authoritarian rule by staunchly opposing reform and opening. He was one of the world’s oldest long-serving dictators, at age 69.

Kim Jong-father il’s started turning over the country’s affairs to him around 1980, and he formally took over the leadership roles in 1997, after a three-year mourning period.

Kim Jong-il designated his third son, Kim Jong-un, at the age of 29 as his successor less than two years ago, so the young Kim will not have the same extended time of acclimatization.

Can we trust the third-generation Kim to get the job done?

Can we trust the third-generation Kim to get the job done?

Many experts on North Korea believe he will be forced to share power with other high-ranking party and military figures. He has a good chance of living as long as his father did if he can make it through the first few years.

However, the tides are turning. Almost one million people in North Korea now have cell phones, allowing them to cautiously communicate information with one another even if they cannot make calls outside of the country.

Among North Korean youngsters, social media is rapidly rising in popularity. The 23,000 North Korean defectors currently living in South Korea use Chinese connections to communicate with their loved ones back home and send money.

Thousands of Chinese merchants regularly enter into North Korea, introducing new items and ideas to the local population. Diplomats stationed abroad, businesspeople bringing in hard currency, and students at international colleges all see North Korea for what it really is: a country on the decline. In a nutshell, the analog Kim Jong-il era and the digital Kim Jong-un era are poles apart.

The entire North Korean nation will be preoccupied with burial preparations until the final ceremony on December 28. After the funeral, the new leader will observe an official period of mourning for 100 days. This could be extended to three years, during which time he will largely withdraw from public life.

Although this phase may have been significant in Kim Jong-consolidation il’s of power following the death of his father, it occurred when the country was experiencing severe domestic issues and sorely needed a strong leader.

Kim Jong-un, like Kim Jong-il before him, must engage in such rituals to prove his commitment to the Kim family, as the Kim family’s continued rule is predicated solely on the legitimacy afforded by the Kims’ bloodlines.

There is a lot of uncertainty, but it looks like things will settle down after Kim Jong-il dies. Leaders in North Korea will have to wait and see how the new political landscape shapes up.

Apparently, Kim Jong-un has already eliminated some of the people he thinks to be insufficiently faithful to him, and now that his father is dead, even more people will fall.

The best-case scenario is that internal North Korean strife prevents the country’s leaders from worrying about South Korea and the rest of the globe.

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