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Kim Jong Un Net Worth: All You Need To Know

Kim Jong Un Net Worth

Kim Jong Un Net Worth

Kim Jong Un Early Life

Although North Korea’s official view is that Kim Jong-un was born on January 8, 1982, no one knows exactly when Kim Jong-un was born. This birthday is being questioned by many because it would mean that he was born precisely 70 years after his grandfather and exactly 40 years after his father. North Korea’s former leader, Kim Jong-il, was his father. It was Kim Il-sung, grandfather of Kim Jong-un, who founded North Korea, the People’s Democratic Republic of Korea, in the 1950s.

In addition to his older brother and younger sister, Kim Jong-un was also raised alongside his father’s other children, who were all born to different mothers. He was raised in Switzerland with the rest of Kim Jong’s family, il’s including his older brother, Kim Jong-Nam. Assuming an assumed identity, he attended school and was described as bashful, although he quickly made friends and showed a strong interest in basketball. He was forced to drop out of high school to return to North Korea in the year 2000.

He attended Kim Il-sung University in Pyongyang, North Korea, once he returned to Pyongyang. Physicist Kim Jong-un earned two degrees from the school’s military department before he graduated in 2007: one as an Army commander and the other in physics. His true identity was made known to the North Korean people in 2010 when he was first introduced to them in public. In addition, he joined the Workers’ Party of North Korea that year.

Kim Jong Un Career

Kim Jong-un began his political career in 2011 by removing or killing many of his father’s top leaders, including his uncle.

For being a traitor and planning to topple the government, his uncle, Jang Song-thaek, was executed. There were two executions of Kim’s older half-brother in a Malaysian airport in 2017.

A fifth underground nuclear test by North Korea in September of last year as part of the country’s ongoing expansion of its weapons development and testing programs. The launch of a medium-range ballistic missile by North Korea in February 2017 caused widespread alarm.

Delegates from North Korea have recently arrived in South Korea to participate in the Olympic Games to improve relations.

Kim’s younger sister, who is the first member of North Korea’s ruling family to visit South Korea, attended the Olympics and had dinner with the South Korean president.

The South Korean government continues to maintain that North Korea has violated human rights despite Kim’s pledge to refocus on educational, agricultural, and economic reforms. Numerous officials have been executed, according to the allegations.

The conditions in North Korea’s prison camps are another source of human rights abuses. Ten of the eleven war crimes recognized by the international community were found to have been committed in political prison camps, according to an examination of those facilities.

Kim Jong Un Personal Wealth

According to a joint investigation by the United States and South Korea in March 2013, Kim Jong-un and his family possessed assets and bank accounts worth up to $5 billion. Foreign bank accounts in nations like Austria, Lichtenstein, Russia, and Singapore were among the locations where these assets were discovered. This money is said to be stashed in Chinese bank accounts, which are supposedly worth billions.

As many as 20 castles and residences are reportedly owned by Kim Jong Un for his usage. In addition, he is claimed to own over a hundred high-end automobiles, with a fondness for sports cars from Europe. In addition, Kim Jong-un possesses a luxury boat with a hull length of more than 100 feet and at least one private plane. A private island off the coast of North Korea is where Kim Jong-un spends most of his time, according to Dennis Rodman.

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Hobby and Car Collection


In his spare time, he enjoys playing basketball, playing computer games, and watching Jackie Chan action movies. He enjoys treating himself to expensive drinks, animals, and colognes, among other things. This guy smokes too much. Dictatorship provides Kim Jong-un with all the luxuries of modern life, yet he suffers from insomnia, psychiatric illnesses, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

Leader of North Korea

When Kim Jong-un became North Korea’s new leader, no one expected it. Before he was discovered trying to enter Japan with a false passport, his older brother, Kim Jong-Nam, was the obvious choice. He supposedly wanted to go to Tokyo Disneyland. With this gesture, Kim Jong-Nam embarrassed the North Korean leadership and seemed to make his son Kim Jong-un the next leader of North Korea. After his exile, Kim Jong-Nam would claim that he was punished for being a critic of the system and an advocate for change. Many people thought of Kim Jong-un as an exact clone of his father, sharing many of his characteristics and preferences.

Kim Jong-un formally succeeded Kim Jong-il as North Korea’s supreme leader in 2009 when he was sworn in as his father’s successor. While in the Workers’ Party, he rose through the ranks and was promoted to four-star general status in 2010. By 2011, the regime was executing or imprisoning anyone who might challenge Kim Jong-leadership un’s position.

In the wake of Kim Jong-death il’s in December 2011, Kim Jong-un was publicly designated Supreme Leader only a few days later, despite suspicions that other high-ranking officials would act as regents before power was handed over. As of 2012, he had been promoted to the rank of marshal – North Korea’s highest military rank. North Korea’s Prime Minister and Parliament President also wield considerable influence, therefore Kim Jong-un only has one-third of the power of a regular president. In reality, Kim Jong-un has the keys to the kingdom.

King Jong-un has made numerous important reforms to North Korea’s government since taking power. Even though the changes were slight, the nation’s culture became more Westernized. When an apartment building collapsed during his rule, he expressed tremendous grief and demonstrated a more lighthearted approach to his public image, showing off his wife at a concert. Kim Jong-leadership un’s has also seen major relaxation of constraints on the economy. It was once the norm for Kim Jong-un to create political monuments instead of ice rinks, parks, and pools in the country’s infrastructure, but this is no longer the case under his leadership.

Kim Jong Un Net Worth

It is estimated that Kim Jong-un, North Korea’s supreme leader, has a fortune of $5 billion. Despite the fact that there is less information available about Kim Jong-un than on many other international leaders, the media has paid close attention to him. Among Kim Jong-many un’s titles in North Korea are Marshal, Chairman of the Central Military Commission, and Chairman of the State Affairs Commission. He is frequently referred to as “Dear Leader” in North Korean propaganda.

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