The Tragic Truth Behind Kobe Bryant’s Death, as Revealed by an Autopsy!

The 26th of January is notorious in athletics as “dark day.” Seven people, including Kobe Bryant’s adolescent daughter, were killed in a helicopter crash. Millions of his devotees throughout the world are still reeling from the news that “Mamba” has passed away.

An autopsy performed three months after Bryant’s death confirmed that he had died from a head injury. He suffered severe damage to his brain and had 30 percent of his body burned. The pilot who was carrying Bryant and others to a basketball event also tested negative for alcohol and narcotics, according to the postmortem results.

All nine people on board were seriously injured in January when their helicopter crashed into a mountainside west of Los Angeles, USA. Bryant’s body was discovered away from the helicopter’s remains. His fingerprints were used to positively identify him. K!lled along with the NBA great was the star’s daughter.

Kobe Bryant's Autopsy
Kobe Bryant’s Autopsy

The released study confirmed that the basketball player and his traveling companions had suffered fatal blunt-force injuries. Senior Deputy Medical Examiner Juan Carrillo said –

“These wounds are fatal almost immediately”

According to the autopsy report (published on –

On January 28, it was determined that blunt force trauma was the official cause of death for all nine victims. The official cause of death was determined to be an accident.

The crash that killed the ex-NBA star, his daughter Gianna, pilot Ara Zobayan, and the rest of the passengers was almost certainly an accident.

Skilled pilot Zobayan flew Bryant, his daughter, and their Mamba Sports Academy squad to California in the month of January. The pilot made rapid ascent and was just about to break cloud cover when he veered sharply and landed in a cluster of hills.

Los Angeles County, following the publishing of horrific images of NBA star Kobe Bryant’s deadly helicopter accident two years ago, has decided to give his widow around $29 million. Kobe Bryant’s Wife Will Receive More Than $29 Million From L.A.

About 296 kilometers per hour was its terminal velocity. The collision triggered the helicopter’s takeoff and shattered the plane into fragments. The wreckage was on fire, but autopsies revealed that the victims’ burns occurred after they had already passed away.

At his right shoulder, above where his wife’s name, Vanessa, was engraved, the autopsy revealed a crown tattoo. On his right arm were also the names of three of his four daughters. The cause of the disaster is still unknown, although the National Transportation Safety Board has stated that there were no mechanical problems with the helicopter.

Bryant’s wife, Vanessa, has already sued the airline, claiming that the pilot was “careless and negligent” for continuing to fly through the fog. Berge Zobayan, Zobayan’s brother, has also launched a lawsuit, arguing that his brother’s surviving have no legal claim against the pilot’s estate because “Bryant knew the risks of the helicopter.

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