Lakeview Residents Shocked by Daylight Robbery

Since a lady was attacked and robbed at gunpoint in broad daylight, residents in the Lakeview area are on high alert.

The robbery was caught on film by a neighbor’s ring doorbell camera.

On Sunday afternoon, about 3 o’clock, three men in masks and hoodies came out of a black sedan and knocked a 45-year-old lady to the ground in the 2900 block of N. Seeley, taking her phone, wallet, and keys from her fanny pack.

Lakeview Residents Shocked by Daylight Robbery
Lakeview Residents Shocked by Daylight Robbery

On camera, one of the perpetrators can be seen brandishing a weapon in her direction.
Bill Pollard and his family have found a “lovely and quiet street” with “super fantastic neighbors.”

Never in a million years would I have thought to find something like this on a block like this,” he said.

The robbery happened while Pollard and his wife were out of town, but they saw footage of it on a neighborhood text chain.

“We’re attempting to pinpoint exactly where the woman’s screams were coming from,” Pollard said, adding that they had been able to hear them while watching the footage. Is it on our street? “Was it around here?”
That the woman had been attacked so close to Pollard’s house came as a complete shock to him.

“It dulls the luster a bit of this bubble that you feel like you’re living in sometimes, right?” To paraphrase what Pollard stated. To paraphrase, “You know, kids play at the park, neighbors walk up and down the street, and now rather to just walking about, you may have to peek over your shoulder from time to time.”

Residents who did not want to speak on camera to WGN News reported that everyone in the area rushed to aid the victim after the incident.

Pollard expresses a wish that the robbery doesn’t make residents feel less secure in an otherwise quiet community. To that end, he says, the most recent incident should serve as a reminder to stay vigilant.
That “stuff” may happen anyplace, Pollard added. It’s important to maintain composure and watch for suspicious activity; if you notice anything, speak up.