Lancaster Road Rage Shooting Kills 4-year-old Boy in Front of His Parents

The victim of a car-to-car shooting in Lancaster, which investigators have stated was caused by road rage, has been named as a 4-year-old kid. The identity of the young child, Gor Adamyan, was mentioned on a GoFundMe website as a “vibrant” boy “whose life was tragically cut short.”

“On that fateful day, as Gor’s parents were en route to purchase groceries, an encounter with a suspect driver escalated into an unthinkable tragedy,” the statement on the fundraising page said. A spokeswoman for the victim’s family met with Eyewitness News on Monday, and she expressed her utter disgust at the senseless brutality.

“Fight against this violence and killing … stop murdering and shooting,” she said. “We want our kids to go to school and come back safely … go play outside and come back safely. Like, drive or go to the market or visit friends [and] come back safely.”

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department reported that on Friday night, two individuals opened fire on the vehicle carrying Gor’s family. Police claimed the shooting happened after the perpetrators allegedly blocked the family’s vehicle on a highway.

Lancaster Road Rage Shooting

That’s unfathomable. That family could have been any one of ours. At any one time, any one of us may have been responsible, Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris told ABC7. The Los Angeles County Jail was the site of the arrest and booking of a man, 29, and a woman, 27, who were both charged with murder, according to the Sheriff’s Department.

Byron Burkhart and Alexandria Gentile were eventually determined to be their identities. This isn’t going to be the last 4-year-old to get shot down,” Parris added. “The reality is that people have to be held accountable when they commit the lower-end crimes because if you don’t catch them then, then you’re dealing with dead children.”

The conflict started at approximately 7:30 p.m. on Friday when the suspects were pulled over by the victim’s family on the Sierra Highway, as per investigators. “During the incident, the suspect driver cut them off and then began following them through several surface streets,” according to the LASD.

“While being pursued by the suspects, the victim driver slowed his vehicle, at which time the suspect driver pulled up along the passenger side of the victim’s car and began shooting.” The toddler, who was riding shotgun in the backseat, was struck in the chest by a bullet that broke inside the family’s vehicle, according to investigators.

Tragically, Gor was declared dead at the hospital when his parents, who were also in the vehicle, hurried him there. Neither the boy nor his parents were hurt. According to Parris, the city of Lancaster deployed crime-fighting equipment earlier this year, which allowed investigators to identify and hunt down the culprits within hours.

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