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LAPD Cop Is Being Investigated For Allegedly Showing His Coworkers S*xually Explicit Photos Of His Wife

LAPD Cop Is Being Investigated For Allegedly Showing His Coworkers Sexually Explicit Photos Of His Wife

LAPD Cop Is Being Investigated For Allegedly Showing His Coworkers Sexually Explicit Photos Of His Wife

LAPD Cop Is Being Investigated For Allegedly Showing His Coworkers Sexually Explicit Photos Of His Wife: According to recent court documents, a Los Angeles police officer faces misdemeanor charges for allegedly transmitting sexually explicit images and videos of his wife, who is also a police officer, to several of their LAPD coworkers and other males.

A cop accused of sharing intimate photos of his wife without her knowledge has been assigned to his house since January, according to the Los Angeles Police Department. Los Angeles Times photo by Myung J. Chun

A criminal complaint presented in Los Angeles County Superior Court on Tuesday named Brady Lamas, 45, as the defendant on six counts of disorderly conduct through disseminating a private intimate image. He was subject to a $20,000 bond.

The charge paperwork provides only the date range of December 29, 2021, through January 24, 2022, and no more information. Only her first name and last initial are used to identify Lamas’ wife in the paper.

However, a restraining order request was made against Lamas claiming that his wife discovered pornographic images on his phone on the morning of January 30. She observed Lamas sharing obscene movies and nude images with a man she didn’t know in a group chat on the messaging service Kik, according to the lawsuit.

“I saw naked pictures of myself that had been sent to the same unidentified individual as I kept reading through the messages. I didn’t know I was in the pictures, and I didn’t give anyone my permission to post any pictures of me “She filled out the paperwork.

She claimed that after learning Lamas had shared nude pictures of her with other guys in the conversation as well as via text message and WhatsApp, she felt “frozen and in dread” and described how she subsequently realized this.

She added, “I was also concerned about how my husband would react when he found out I had found out about his horrific scary behaviors.

Lamas has been assigned to his residence since January, when the LAPD began an investigation into him, according to a statement released on Wednesday by a department spokesperson.

The statement added, “The Department is distressed by the officer’s alleged off-duty conduct which does not reflect the ideals of the Los Angeles Police Department, and is fully collaborating with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and the District Attorney’s Office with this case.”

An inquiry for comment was not immediately answered by Lamas. The Santa Clarita Courthouse will hold his arraignment the following week.

Lamas’ wife claimed in the restraining order application that he secretly took pictures of her naked body during many visits to a doctor’s office after she underwent breast augmentation surgery. According to the complaint, Lamas reportedly called the pictures “before and after shots” and sent them to other guys.

“Brady is a lucky man” and “He doesn’t realize how good he has it” were among the comments made by some of the male LAPD workers who approached her at work and stared “intently” at her, according to the complaint. According to the lawsuit, she didn’t know about the photographs he had sent them and thought their comments were “strange” at the time.

She proceeded to the Santa Clarita station of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department to submit a report after informing her supervisor about the photographs. The petition also states that an internal affairs probe was started.

Lamas’ wife claimed that learning about the photos was “devastating to my dignity,” making her feel ashamed and frightened to go back to work. His acts, she continued, “were equal to a sexual assault.”

She claimed, in her letter, that her own spouse had preyed on her. “I much rather he had punched me in the face.”

What’s worse is that because the personal photos and graphic movies are in the possession of numerous LAPD coworkers and strangers, the humiliation will likely continue indefinitely.

The incident is the most recent in a string of incidents involving the distribution of obscene photos that have shaken the department in recent years.

In 2020, the city agreed to pay $1.5 million to resolve a lawsuit brought by an LAPD detective who claimed that a fellow cop had assaulted her and threatened to release sexually graphic photos of her if she tried to break up with him.

In addition, a jury handed down a $4 million verdict in September after an LAPD captain filed a lawsuit against the city over a nude photo that was altered to resemble her and circulated inside the force.

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