Las Vegas Cop Killed With High-powered Pistol

A top police official in Las Vegas said on Monday that the suspect who is accused of killing a veteran patrol officer fired 18 shots from a high-powered handgun described as a “AK-47 pistol.” One of those bullets went through the officer’s ballistic vest and another hit his mother-in-law in the leg.

Emotionally, Assistant Clark County Sheriff Andrew Walsh told reporters, “You know, this is a big hit for our police department to absorb” in regards to the shooting that took the life of Officer Truong Thai on October 13. To paraphrase, “He’s one of those men who impacted everyone.”

Las Vegas Cop Killed With High-powered Pistol
Las Vegas Cop Killed With High-powered Pistol

Tyson Shawn Jordan Hampton, 24, of Las Vegas, is accused of opening fire with a Century Arms RAS47 handgun, firing 7.62-caliber rounds, striking and killing Thai and injuring Hampton’s wife’s mother in the leg, according to Walsh.

Body cam footage from the 1 a.m. incident indicated that Officer Ryan Gillihan fired seven rounds and Officer Satit Thai fired five as Hampton reached out the driver’s window of a blue vehicle. disagreement between Hampton and his wife, which resulted in both her and her mother calling 911 from the street.

Only a few streets later, with the blue sedan surrounded by police cars and the suspect taken down by a police dog, Hampton was apprehended and taken into custody.

Walsh said that the police found a.40 caliber pistol that was not used in the incident in addition to the accused murder weapon in the vehicle. It was Russian small weapons inventor Mikhail Kalashnikov who created the AK-47 rifle for use in combat.

Hampton was taken to the hospital for treatment of minor injuries and is in custody until a court appearance on Tuesday, when he is scheduled to have a lawyer assigned to represent him on accusations of murder, attempted murder, and domestic violence.

The ladies who called police to the scene of the fight, which occurred not far from a major intersection east of the Las Vegas Strip, were first identified by authorities as Hampton’s girlfriend and her mother. Walsh said on Monday that it was evident that the bullet that injured the lady was from Hampton’s pistol, and that an SUV patrolling the area had also been hit by gunfire.

Officer Gillihan, 32, is on paid leave while the department and the district attorney investigate the incident.

The funeral for Thai, 49, who worked for 23 years as a Las Vegas police officer as a patrol and training officer, financial crimes investigator, and weapons instructor, is set for October 28 with full line-of-duty honors. A volleyball player and coach, the father of a young lady (now 19) was a divorcee.

According to the court documents, Hampton cooperated with the court’s instructions, which included the surrender of a 9mm pistol, after being charged with the misdemeanor of brandishing a firearm in a menacing way after a domestic fight in April 2021 in Las Vegas.


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