Las Vegas S*x Offender Arrested for Allegedly Concealing Roommate’s Corpse

In a harrowing and deeply disturbing incident, a Las Vegas s*x offender was apprehended after allegedly killing his roommate and keeping her decomposing body hidden inside a barricaded closet for an astonishing two months.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department made the arrest on Wednesday following the gruesome discovery made by the victim’s family in their shared home.

The victim, identified as Beverly Ma, was described as a longtime friend of the accused, George Anthony Bone, with their friendship dating back to high school. Tragically, their living arrangement took a sinister turn when Ma moved in with Bone last summer.

The shocking revelation came to light when investigators, responding to a call from Ma’s family about an unusually high air conditioning bill, were called to the residence. Bone allegedly informed a female family member that Ma was “dead and gone” and had been concealed in the closet for two months. In an unsettling twist, Bone even offered to show her the ghastly sight.

The tweet below verifies the news:

Police reports state that a cooler was placed against the bedroom closet door, with a towel covering the gap beneath it, concealing the horrifying secret. Bone reportedly encouraged the family member to open the door and witness the unimaginable truth.

As the investigation unfolds, the exact cause of Beverly Ma’s death remains under scrutiny. However, investigators believe she was a victim of homicide, suspecting she may have been strangled. Chillingly, they also uncovered a frantic 911 call made by Ma on the day of her death, during which disturbing sounds of an argument between a man and a woman can be heard, concluding with a haunting cry of “Why.”

Remarkably, when the police responded to the 911 call on that fateful day, no one answered the door, leaving the tragic fate of Beverly Ma concealed from the world.

In a shocking statement, Bone allegedly admitted to knowing about Ma’s death for an extended period, attributing it to suicide. His motive for not seeking help was reportedly the fear of returning to jail for being found with a dead body. Instead, he continued living in the house, even exploiting his deceased roommate’s finances.

Bone now faces charges for ordering over 170 items charged to Ma’s Amazon account and for using her phone to impersonate her in a text message, declining an invitation to a July 4 party under the pretense of sobriety and avoiding social interactions.

Adding to the unsettling nature of the case, Bone explained that he kept the air conditioning set at an extremely low temperature to deter flies, due to a mix of superstition and distress, which he attributed to having watched too many horror movies and ghost stories during his upbringing.

As the investigation progresses, authorities have disclosed that Bone is a level-three registered s*x offender in Nevada, previously convicted in 2013 for attempted lewdness with a child under 14, for which he served a prison sentence. This dark past adds another layer of concern to the shocking revelations surrounding this gruesome crime.

The case has sent shockwaves through the community, raising questions about the safety and well-being of individuals, especially those living with known s*x offenders. As the story unfolds, the public grapples with the disturbing details surrounding this tragic loss of life, highlighting the need for vigilance and awareness to prevent such horrific incidents in the future.

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