Lauren Hashian and Dwayne Johnson’s Relationship Timeline

Despite being together for nearly 15 years, Dwayne Johnson and Lauren Hashian still manage to make each other laugh.

Since making their relationship public, we’ve had countless insights into their relationship on the red carpet and through social media.

In 2012, Johnson reflected on his good fortune of having experienced love only once by telling PEOPLE, “I was extremely fortunate to have been in love once” (he has previously married producer Dany Garcia, mother to his eldest daughter Simone).

“Is it possible to fall in love once more? In my current situation, it would be challenging to repeat such action. You can call me a lucky scamp if you like.”

Johnson and Hashian married the knot on August 18, 2019, after welcoming daughters Jasmine Johnson and Tiana Johnson in December 2015 and April 2018, respectively.

Learn more about Johnson and Hashian’s history together, from their first appearance on the red carpet together to the births of their three children.

2006: Dwayne Johnson And Lauren Hashian Crossed Paths On The Set Of Their Film The Game Plan

It’s not entirely clear how Johnson and Hashian initially met, although it was likely during the filming of Johnson’s blockbuster family comedy The Game Plan.

2007: Relationship Between Dwayne Johnson And Lauren Hashian Begins

A statement released in 2007 revealed that Johnson and Garcia had divorced after 10 years of marriage. While our relationship has evolved in many ways, we continue to play an essential role in one another’s lives.

“We’re committed to working as a team to achieve our professional and personal goals, including the successful upbringing of our child. We’ve been together for 17 years as a married couple and look forward to many more as close friends and business partners.”

Johnson and Hashian (seen above in 2014) started dating that same year.

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March 2013: Dwayne Johnson And Lauren Hashian Went Public With Their Relationship On The Red Carpet

Johnson and Hashian’s first red carpet-appearance as a couple was at the Hollywood premiere of G.I. Joe: Retaliation, nearly six years after they initially began dating.

December 2015: Dwayne Johnson And Lauren Hashian Are Proud Parents To Their First Child

Jasmine Johnson was born to Johnson and Hashian on December 16th, 2015. Hashian and Johnson welcomed their first child together with this new arrival.

“It’s like Christmas in July!” Johnson expressed his feelings at the time in an Instagram post. “She was placed on her father’s chest just minutes after her birth. And being a thankful man means something very different now… We appreciate all of the kind wishes and support you have shown @laurenhashianofficial and me. You have our deepest appreciation.”

Times When Dwayne Johnson and His Daughters Were Just Too Adorable

August 2018: Dwayne Johnson And Lauren Hashian Became Parents Again To Their Second Kid

Johnson and his wife Hashian welcomed their second child into the world in December 2017.

Johnson captioned a photo of his and his wife’s newborn daughter, “Our Jasmine Lia would like to make a major announcement – IT’S A GIRL.” Given that @laurenhashianofficial and I are expecting our second child this spring, we are inexpressibly grateful for this gift.

Tiana Gia was born to happy parents on April 17, 2018.

Johnson captioned the father-daughter hospital photo, “Blessed and proud to bring another strong lady into this world.” “Mama @laurenhashianofficial labored and delivered like a true rockstar, and her daughter Tiana Gia Johnson came into the world like a force of nature.”

August 2019: Dwayne Johnson And Lauren Hashian Get Married

Johnson and Hashian married on August 18, 2019, in a small wedding in Hawaii, after dating for more than ten years. The newlyweds posted a few pictures from their wedding, in which their two kids played the role of flower girls.

During the month of August in the year 2020, Dwayne Johnson and Lauren Hashian will commemorate the one year of their marriage.

Hashian surprised Johnson with a personal song on their wedding day, and a year later, on their anniversary, she shared it with the world.

Lauren Hashian Source: Sportskeeda

Hashian remarked in a press release “Step into a Love Like This” is the most intimate and fulfilling song he has ever composed.

“Personal,” she said, “since every word is from my heart, and fulfilling,” she said, “because I had the joy of surprising the man I now call my husband with this song on the day we were married in Hawaii in front of our family, friends, and two beautiful kids, Jazzy and Tia.”

May 4, 2022: Dwayne Johnson And Lauren Hashian Toast His 50th Birthday

Hashian posted a touching Instagram tribute to Johnson on his birthday, which included a snapshot of Johnson holding their daughters, a video of Johnson and his daughters blowing out candles, and a clip of Johnson sitting in front of balloons reading “Legends only.”

She wrote in the caption, “Especially for a milestone birthday, you still say “No celebration, I simply want to be with YOU folks”.” to explain why Johnson’s birthday was low-key.

The elated wife continued, “DAD, BABY DAD, HUSBAND, MM, DWAYNE, DEWEY, ROCK, and all the other names we’ve given you because of what you mean to us: WE LOVE YOU. You mean the absolute world to us. Wishing MM a very happy birthday!”

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