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Layton Triple-Homicide Red Flags Missed Before De@dly Sh00tings

Layton Triple-Homicide Red Flags Missed Before Deadly Shootings

Layton Triple-Homicide Red Flags Missed Before Deadly Shootings

New information about the events leading up to the fatal gunshots is revealed in the arrest report for a Utah man who confessed to kIlling his wife and in-laws.

The Davis County Jail received three first-degree felony counts of aggravated murder, three first-degree counts of a felony firearm discharge, and three misdemeanor counts of aggravated animal cruelty when Jeremy Lake Bailey, 34, was booked on Friday.

Around 9:45 a.m., according to authorities, Bailey called emergency dispatch and claimed to have slain three members of his family. In addition, he is said to have “reported there will be a m*rder-s*icide,” per court records. He was instructed over the phone to leave the house and back up toward the responding officers, who then arrived and apprehended him.

Officers entered the residence at 1832 E. Gentile Street in Layton and discovered three bodies with what appeared to be gunshot wounds. Bailey also claimed to have kIlled three of the family’s four dogs, a claim that was corroborated by the police as they searched the house.

Bailey’s wife Anastasia Stevens, his father-in-law Donald Stevens, and his mother-in-law Becky Stevens were the three people who passed away. The home was occupied by Bailey and his wife, and according to the authorities, it looked like his wife’s parents were traveling from another state.

The tweet below confirms the news:

Bailey informed police dispatch over the phone that he had handed his firearms to a friend to keep in their garage “because he was thinking of doing this a few days ago.” Investigators got in touch with this guy, who acknowledged giving the weapons to him from Bailey.

However, he claimed to have a 9mm handgun that belonged to one of the victims, according to the police report, but he had forgotten about it until the day of the triple shooting.

Bailey Arrested for Triple Homicide

A handgun, a box of ammo with missing cartridges, and spent shot casings were discovered by the police after obtaining a warrant and searching Bailey’s house. These items were discovered close to all of the victims, including the dogs.

Police discovered an ammunition purchase receipt when they searched Bailey’s truck. According to the arrest report, authorities were able to view surveillance footage that showed him purchasing the ammunition at approximately 9 a.m. Bailey estimated that he killed the three victims around 20 minutes before calling the police on the phone.

One of the victims (not identified) reportedly made touch with a therapist earlier that day, according to the arrest report. According to reports, the message read: “I believe we may be facing a serious issue. So I exposed some of his dubious s***. And it’s terrible. like frightful. I believe that legal action may be necessary; however, since He is still at the house, I am unable to speak to him.

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Anastasia Stevens’ parents were present to support Jeremy Bailey and Anastasia Bailey while they worked through their marital problems, according to neighbors who spoke to FOX 13 News. The police were unable to corroborate this as of Friday afternoon.

Police said they overheard Bailey remark “I can’t believe I did it” as he was being held at the Layton Police Department’s holding facility before being brought to the county jail.

Without a lawyer present, Bailey declined to be questioned about the event, but police claimed he “made an utterance” that he preferred de@th to life in prison.

He is detained without posting bail.

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